Lynn Wilson wrote my Grocery List…

So… I went to the Hanniford on my way home from work, to pick up a steak to broil rare and consume for dinner, and ran into my radio station B95.5, running a drawing for $25 Hanniford gift certificates… so I entered, and in the prosess wound up in a conversation with Lyn Wilson, who does the mid afternoon show, famous for her Lunch-Box Trivia contest.

By the end of the conversation she’d written me up a grocery list.

I wound up eating cube stake, chicken fried, for dinner.

It kinda tasted just like chicken.

I mean it was good… it’s just that it wasn’t much different than when I do chicken that way, and when I do chicken that way it usually winds up in a chicken parmesan… radio people are really good at convincing you to do things, and I don’t know why. I don’t listen to sales people, and I don’t listen to radio people doing product placement (which is why I didn’t buy the Scott’s Brand Paper Towels she put on my list,) but apparently I’m really susceptible to recipe suggestions.


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