Reasons why Delmar is cooler than mSS (Update)

Some updated lines for my previously posted chart

mSS Delmar
Space Shared Office
1 Drawer
0 Shelves
0 Coatrack
Doesn’t Lock*
Full Sized Cube
7 Drawers
4 Shelves
1 Mini Coat Closet
Kitchenette 1 Fridge (Sometimes)
1 Microwave
2 Servers
2 Fridges (ALWAYS)
2 Microwaves
0 Servers

Today the team moved out of our shared office (where my setup was basically the same as at mSS,) and into our new cubicles with awesome amenities… as a result we now use a different kitchenette, with an additional fridge.

*Ok, so… you’re probably wondering why it matters if my space locks or not… in fact I don’t even use the locks at Delmar. I don’t need to because of the culture differences. At Delmar my cube is “my” space. No one would dream of walking in and riffling thru my things, whereas at mSS, my drawer was NOT considered “my” space, in fact, I went to see if I could link this story, and then realized it took place during one of the times that I was AWOL from LJ over working too much… so I’ll have to write it now.

There was a time, the summer before I let go, I don’t know what month exactly or I’d backpost it. So there I am sitting at my desk, doing my work, and minding my own business, when one of the new hires, (a creepily secretive young man with bizarre devotion to the company, to the point of refusing to participate in the company potluck, because he “should be working”) walks into the office and opens my drawer, which happened to be located in a two drawer file cabinet between my desk, and the desk of another new hire (nice girl, reasonable, later promoted to team leader; I miss her,) who used the other drawer. I stop working… stare for a moment, just sort of in shock that someone would come into my space without asking and start going thru what’s essentially my desk drawers (as my desk had 0 drawers)… this is paraphrased of course, but you get the gist.

“Excuse me.” I say, (in that way that you do when somone’s being rude, not when you actually want to be excused,) looking down at him crouched down riffling thru my drawer, “That’s my drawer.” He never gets the chance to answer because at that moment, our mutual boss makes is presence in the doorway known.

“That’s the COMPANY’S drawer, and I told him to do this, just go back to your work. It’s not any of your concern.”

“That may be the company’s drawer, but there’s nothing in it that belongs to the company, except notebooks filled with my notes. The rest is all my personal property. What do you need from my drawer?”

“It’s not any of your concern.”

“It is my concern… it’s my stuff in there.”

“It’s not here,” the new hire, replied, and started going thru the other new hire’s drawer instead. “IT” wasn’t in her drawer either, or that designated to my long time co-worker, who wasn’t in the office at the time.

Really it just left me with a major sour feeling about everything, for having my drawer, designated for the storage of my personal property and work materials, gone thru by a new hire, on orders from my boss. It was a violation of the Employee/Employer trust, in that they couldn’t even explain what they were doing. I later found out they were looking for a missing digital camcorder, which had footage on it they needed to download. I can only infer that they thought I would LIE about having it if I did, which only further illustrates the level of distrust in employees they have there.

Meanwhile Delmar is happy to allow me to lock my drawers if I so choose, because they trust I’m not here to steal their stuff, but to do a job, and that’s why locks are on the list of things that make Delmar way cooler than mSS. Here, I’m treated like an adult.


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