Ok, so I’m hooked…

No I mean I’m Seriously Hooked. I haven’t been this into a season of Power Rangers since Mystic Force. Yes Power Rangers. Shut Up.

Whilst Mystic Force had the Potteresque charm of a bunch of teenagers gifted with magical powers fighting the big bad while discovering their own true power, RPM has a post apocalyptic landscape populated by characters all dealing with issues of family acceptance and/or loss, whilst battling with giant robots.

It’s Evangelion for kids.

The center peice, at least for me, of this whole shebang, is the Rangers Mentor, Doctor K, who could give Katsugari Misato and Agaki Ritsuko a run for their money for the titles of Most Messed up Mentor, and Most Damaged Computer Genius, respectively, and Gem and Gemma, two trigger happy ADDers whom I expect to pull an Asuka in the bathtub, in the event they are for some reason unable to blow the enemy up real good, which seems to be their only purpose in life.

Then we have Ziggy Grover, incompetent, blustering, clumsy, and for some unknown reason, infatuated with Doctor K. His main skill is SHADOW PUPPETS, and his foot is in his mouth more often than not. It’s cute. So naturally Doctor K pushes him away at every opportunity.

How do I know I’m hooked? Other than the rambling? I wrote PR Fan Fiction…

Yeah… I did.

Thanatos: People who hide themselves from others seldom turn on a dime to wear their heart on their sleeve, but if pressed, they may fake it. Doctor K is nearly clever enough to pull it off. (Read Story)

It’s on the FanFic.net. I know… it’s sad. But these days Private Archives don’t get enough traffic.


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