Tha Tree Stop’d Blinkin!

It did… it didn’t go out… it just Stopped. Blinking.

The fake tree in hour office, sits on a desk… and half of it blinks… only half of it because something is screwwy about that tree… well… we thought there was somethign screwwy about that tree for a few weeks now… ever since it went up… but now we KNOW there’s somethign screwwy about that tree…

Cause I were staring at it… watchign it’s hypnotic Blinking… when all the sudden… it stopped blinking… that was hours ago… it’s still not blinking. I know I’m probbaly jynxing it… by blogging it… but it’s got us all a little freaked… the lights that once steadly blinked, now emit a constant stream of colored light…

I think the office is Haunted.

That’s what comes of Working in a Church. Well… a Chappel… well… what was a Chappel till it was renovated into a Computer Center… but still looks externaly like a chappel… and has stained glass windas and such.

Anywho… my co-workers got me prezzies that was undre the tree today. I got a Little Ceramic Lenox Box with a Cardinal on Top, a Glass Vase with Butterflys on it, A Blur Butterfly Pin and a two pack of Silly Putty, Pink, and Original.

I forgot how much snappier and form holding this stuff is when you haven’t got it full of dust and hair and a bitt watered down from attempts to wash it in hot water.

I went to see “Haunted Mansion” Yesterday, and to be perfectly honest, if I could do it again, I’d give that one a miss, but since I was out with my best friend Rachel, on our christmass outing, it was worth it. I got a 15$ FYE Gift Card from her for Christmass, and a Late B-day pressent in teh Form of a BIG Bag of Starbursts and a Keychain *Grins.*

In between answering the phone, and taking a break to open my presents it’s been another hour since I started writing this blog… and the Tree Still ent Blinking.


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