Meet Trixie!

So I went to the Whiskers Adoption Day today, and filled out the necessary paperwork, and started meeting cats. As it turns out, the adorable calico I had my eye on was still there, but she was, to say the least, a little less than playful. The folks there are really great at matching people up with cats though, and so I was introduced to a grey/black tabby by the name of Trixie, who they figure is about 5 or 6 years old. She was a mom cat that came to them pregnant some few years ago, and was adopted once for a few months, but returned when her new owner got a boyfriend who didn’t want cats around. Poor Trixie.

Anyhow, she’s all over my apartment now, meowing to beat the band. It’s full of new, and she’s really quite energetic for not a kitten.


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