Thanatos Revisited…

Ok, so “Thanatos”… lives. (Ironic, eh?)

As I mentioned in late October, I was considering expanding the story upon completion of the Power Rangers RPM, which occurred December 26th. I didn’t get to see it till January since I was out of town with a death in the family (see previous entry) but once I did and saw how much play there was left with regards Alphabet Soup, I decided to go ahead with my plan to build off my idea for Thanatos, and make a whole series, taking more little trips to the department of back story with the illustrious Doctor K.

It took a little time to get off the ground, since I was pretty busy, I’m starting to think God had me laid off because he knew I was gonna be hella busy taking care of other people for a month or so, and he knew I wouldn’t be able to just run off to New Jersey for a week and a half on a moment’s notice, nor would I be able to play playing medicab driver for a friend who is medically precluded from driving (love ya sweetie, no hard feelings!) nor haul Jake out to the urgent care for his little dermatological emergency, if I had a job I was supposed to be at.(Seriously I have spent far too much time in urgent care/walk in clinic waiting rooms these past few weeks.)

Anyhow, I’m home now, and with nothing but time once again and so I present to you:

Alphabet Soup.

Starts with “T is for Thanatos” which is still the same as last time I mentioned it, except the title, and presenting chapter 2 “H is for Humbled,” and I have “N is for Necessary” on deck for next week.

I’m not gonna keep spamming my own LJ over this, but for those who give two bits, expect a new installment every Thursday at least until I get a job. No way I can’t manage that while lacking a full time job.


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