Rally to Restore Sanity!!!

So it seems there’s going to be a rally at the end of October, which I’d love to attend. The “Rally to Restore Sanity” organized by none other than the Daily Show’s John Stewart, is, quite frankly, long overdue.

People are acting absolutely bat-shit crazy these days, and even tho this rally will likely have pretty much 0 impact on that (because what to rally’s really do except stir people up into a righteous indignation so they can go home and do… nothing) it’s about time that the sane folk got on the TV for once.

No more tea partiers monopolizing the screen with “Obama is the Antichrist” posters… oh yes, I’m sure that’s a small cross section, but that’s who makes the news.

Then again, the “Keep Fear Alive” rally, held that same day, promises to be delightful satire of self same crazies.

So… hope to see some folk there… I’ll be participating in the Etsy Meetup there to network with fellow Etsians, if I can pull myself away from my carpool for a bit.

Great fun!!!!


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  1. thkya says:

    Oh, please take lots of pictures and write all about it! I watch every TDS and TCR show and would LOVE to go, but of course I’m not going to be able to travel from Europe for it. PICTURES PLEASE! *grabby hands*

  2. I may go! Contact me if you’re coming 😀

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