Genericon here I come!!!

So, I’m a little behind, or more than a little behind, on publishing in Alphabet Soup. I will get to that within a few weeks I hope, however.

I got my resin Eva Nodes in the mail today, from Feralworks, so between that and some stuff I’m planning to borrow from Jake’s closet, I’m pretty much set for Genericon. I love the feel of the resin they’re made of… I want Asuka Red ones, and think I want to commission a custom set in Toji midnight blue for stage managing. I might just get hooked and wind up trying to get them in Kensuke Green and Hikari Orange too… but resin… that brings me to my next thought.

Ball. Jointed. Dolls.

Last year I held this tiny handful of a doll at Genericon, and I need to find the BJDers again and find out who makes those little guys, because I think I’m going to take up the hobby, and I want a little one like that. Not a white one… that little guy was white with a grey wig and light eyes. I want a girl with brown hair and dark eyes. Handful sized.

Much as the Dolfie Dreams look nice on DannyChoo… I can’t justify having something that big in my place… plus they’re vinyl. I want resin… and the little ones are so cute and have a nice weight to them.


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