This has got to quit happening…

So… I’m laid off again. Happened on Thursday, but I’ve kind of been moping and loafing around since, so yeah… I actually got the heads up that it might be happening last Friday right before Genericon, which contributed heavily to my lack of desire to go to Karaoke, but they said there was a possibility it wouldn’t happen… and I tried to hope.

Once again they say they want me back as soon as they have work for me, and this time, seeing as how they’ve had me back before, I believe them, but it’s still fairly depressing getting laid off again, especially just now, where, what with MayoWare running, I had a little fun money for buying myself fun things like Evangelion nodes, and maybe a Ball Jointed Doll… that’s all scrapped now. None of that while unemployed, and no Sushi either unless someone else is footing the bill. I don’t know what I’ll miss more this time… Sushi, or shopping for myself. I’d never really done much of that before, but I think I was getting used to it.

I keep window shopping anyhow over at the Fairyland site, anyway tho. I’m not sure what it is about these Ball Jointed Dolls. I never window shop when I don’t have money, but here I am doing super huge amounts of research on the things. Fairyland makes the Littlefee I saw at the con. The LittleFee and PukiFee are so cute… not sure which one I want. I think PukiPuki is too small. That’s Kelly doll sized.

I’ll be looking for another job, of course, since I can’t count on them ever getting work for me again, but stupid as it sounds, I love working for them so much that I really hope they’ll be calling me back soon!!!


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