December Drivers…

Dear December Drivers,

Just because it is December, doesn’t mean you whackados can go about driving however you please. I get it… you have shopping to be done. That’s lovely… but the following things you should please, keep in mind.

  • If you are making a right on red, you should not be cutting off people going straight… but more than that you should ABSOLUTELY not be cutting off people going straight in the LEFT LANE. Right on Red puts you in the right lane only. Never the left. Cut it out.
  • Make your left hand turns wide enough, and look out for divided roads. I’ve been nose to nose at a red light with too many people these past few weeks who have taken their left, too tight and wound up on the wrong side of the dividing barrier, driving at me head on, and looking at me like I’m the moron when I lay on the horn to point out that, hi, I’m here. And I’m the one pointed the right way.
  • And do me one last favor. Learn how to operate stop signs. Firstly, be aware of three way stops. Sometimes one road doesn’t have a stop sign. They are not cutting you off… it’s a three way stop. Secondly, just because someone is going left, doesn’t mean you get to go first. You only get to go first if someone else got there at the same time as you and they’re going left. If they’re already stopped when you pull up… they get to go before you.

Thank you,
Your Fellow Drivers

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