New Cube!!!

I got moved upstairs to a Shiney New Cube!!!

I’ll have to post up pictures later, but what with my teammates getting hired on permanent they got their own offices, and my remaining co-contractor and I, after a nervous wait downstairs, have finally gotten to move upstairs along with them!

Given I was laid off around this time last year, I was getting nervous there, but if I make it thru to January I’m thinking it will all be solid enough I can go ahead and buy myself a new computer. I’ve been needing one for a while, and I’ve been thinking about making the jump to Mac. I’m thinking one of those shiny metal Macbook Pros. I hardly ever buy myself anything nice… but ever since I opened MayoWare, it’s a little easier for me to spend without feeling like a schmuck.

Oh! Also there’s a New LARP starting soon that I’m super excited about. It’s another Vampire one, run by the fellow who did the Utica one I played a Ventrue Ghoul at. Only this time it’s the Dark Ages, and I get to be a Gangrel!!! I’m super excited. My friend Frannie from last year’s Genericon is going to own my Gangrel as an indentured servant for the first year, so that should be interesting.

Oh golly… Genericon is coming up soon!!! I’d better get a costume in the works!!!


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