Macs are Strange…

So…. I got my new Mac Today!!!!

It’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment, coming off Windows XP, but the keyboard isn’t actually very differently spaced than my Thinkpad’s was so that’s a plus, no awkward fingering of the keys.

I’m installing the Sims 3 on it, and all my Expansion Packs, and Office, and The Adobe Suite CS 4, so it’s going to be super sweet. All it needs now to be the most awsomest computer ever is for me to stop being a looser at Mac and remember to hit the command key instead of control…

Also I think I could use a new Wacom tablet to go with it. My Intuos 2 is pretty much at work all the time because the cord is going and I’m afraid to transport it. I think I want the cordless one so this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me again with the next one. Still I think I’ll wait a little considering the chunk of change I just sort of dropped on this… I say sort of because I took the 12 month same as cash financing, to spread it out.

Trillian for Mac is SUCK tho… not like the awesome it is on Windows… so I’ve had to go with Aduim instead. Not pleased about the Duck icon in my tray tho, wish it wasn’t quite so ugly…

Macs are Strange… but… I think I’m going to like mine!!!!


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