Unemployment Bites…

Well that’s two hours of my life I COULD have spent actually looking for a job.

It’s not the fault of the poor people who have to work in the unemployment office. I mean I don’t fault the guy in charge of what New York State dubs “Unemployment Orientation” for the fact that his curriculum necessarily panders to the lowest common denominator. It’s kind of like taking defensive driving. You sit there and wonder who in that room is REALLY unaware that your car must come to a complete stop at stop signs and why we’re letting them drive if they didn’t pick that up by now, and conclude of course that the people who need to actually be told these things are few and far between, but they have to tell everyone just in case, like warning messages on hot beverage cups.

They did have handouts on some job fairs which I’ll find of use, but that’s pretty much all I took away from the orientation, so when the guy is all “and I know you’re busy, so if you want to go now you can, or if you would like a consultation with a job councilor stay,” I stayed, because the one-on-one is really the only thing they have there that is useful to professional type job seekers.

This time, unlike previous visits to the job councilor, they seem to have given the one-on-one counselors some special instruction on how to deal with the large numbers of young people who have yet to enter the workforce due to the economy, but contrary to the fellow’s eyeball judgment of me, that’s not me. Because I got a job right out of college, I have not retained the ease of mobility that some people who still haven’t got a job yet have. I’ve put down roots. I have “real” furniture. I have a lease. I have two cats. His advice: “You’re young! You should just move!” is already too late.

So in the end all I came out with were two job fairs to attend, and two good pointers on reformatting my resume for better appeal.

Capitol Region, I do not want to move: EMPLOY ME!!!


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