I’m Gonna Be An Angel!!!

Have you ever watched that show? (It’s also known as “Tenshi ni Narumon!”)You should. It Roxors my soxors. *Grins.* It’s Totally RANDOM. I’ve only seen the first few eps… one VHS, but it’s still totally Kewl!!!


Tomorrow I have my AV final… and that’s all I has… well I has work in the morning, cause I has work, but that’s all.

On Saturday, I went Rollerskaing with the BF… and there was these two boys there who like, nearly ran everyone else out of the rink with their nutty skating… the bigger one plowed me straight over… I never even saw him coming! Just BAM!!! And down I went.

It was embarrassing, cause I’m a good skater!!! I’m not so hot on the crossovers, (I didn’t even want to try them after taking that embarrassing spill,) but I can skate on only one foot and turn that way too and things like that… I’m a fairly decent skater in the forward direction, just not backwards, cause I can’t do that and I’m not as inconsiderate of some boys as to try and learn it in a rink with other people where I might, say run into them doing some fort of fancy maneuver I’ve never tired before.

I mean the little one had an excuse, cause he was like, 6 or 7, but the older boy realy should have known better… they were even skating in the regular direction during reverse skate!!!

Today in Animal Enrichment class, we made a Gelitan and Oats Sculpture thing in the shape of what, arguably may represent the face of a classmate… we did smack a pie tin all over his face… to make it that shape, but I’m not sure it worked out. It’s a very fun class, but I sometimes get the feeling that we’d make infinitely more progress toward the goals of the class if the Professor wasn’t so quick to give up on idears when they don’t work out in the shortcut version. You have to do things all the way, or not at all really.

Unfortunately I have to curb my mouth in that aspect, because every time I go to point out something that’s going to cause the plan to fail, I’m a naysayer… or I’m micromanaging… or I’m being to scientific… and then it goes wrong and no one seems to care that we just put 2 hours into doing something that crashed and burned and went terribly wrong, and might have been salvaged if we had taken the time to address some of the practical concerns involved with the project, instead of just going at it with no regard for the laws of physics… *Sighs.* But I really should shut up, cause it’s my favorite class….

“Datte datte datte datte daisuki dakara!!!”

*Toddles about singing the “I’m gonna be an Angel” song.*

I’ll Blog Again Tomorrow… if anything good comes up at work!!!


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