Happy Haloweeeeeeeeeen!!!!

Hullo all!!! Me has not blogged in a bit has I? oh no… *Higgles.*

I had a rather interesting Halloween though… I dressed up as Agent Dana Scully! *Grins.* Had a Business suit, and a red wig and a hang tagish thing *Nods.* It t’were much fun! But the only other person who dressed up at work was Elinor… *Sighs.* But there was a lot of cookies… *Nods.* And Cake, but I don’t like Pumpkin Cheesecake so I had no cake. But I did have cookies.

Then I watched “The Langoliers” movie with Darren, and we went out to See the Matrix Movie at the RPI Cinema… *Nods.* The Second Matrix is on tonight, but we wont’ be around to see it, cause I’m a going to the Great Escape With Darren… and we gonna go to the Haunted House!!!

It shall be great fun.

Ok… yersh… I’m off now… to do my Haloweeeeny thingers that I could have done yesterday if the damn amusement park had been open on the very day it’s having festivities for the past month to celebrate…

Move on…

No Antecdotes here… *Higgles.*


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