The buzzin’ of the bees,
In the bubblegum trees,
Near the soda water fountain!
At the lemonade springs,
Where the bluebird sings,
On the Big Rock Candy Mountain!!!

I went to the movies on Saturday, with my 14 year old freind Lydia… she’s pretty darn cool for 14… or any age for that matter. *Nods.* We went to see “Runnaway Jury,” and the dude at the begining was singing that songa… yersh… I knew that songa… from the Muzak at the TRU…

There was a Charactor called Lydia Deets… just like the charactor in Beetleuice… and there was this thing about colored dots, but we were too busy having a poke fight to see the first half of that scean… *Higgles.*

Then I went out with the BF. I almost had to abort the date on acount of caugh, but then he realized that I was drinking milk and then was bad… so he got me soda, and it worked.. yersh… and we had a fun time… we went to Guptils Roller Rink… the worlds largest indoor arena… or so it said on the banner. *Shrigs.*

*Dances around.*

Then we went home, and watched Monty Python on Lyta… (That’s the name of my computer, as I may have neglected to say,) and she crapped out on me. She got an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, and was evil… *Grummbles.*

Then I had to wait till 4 on SUNDAY, to get my computer fixed… so I defrosted my freezer by hand, becuase you have to do that when you have a hand defrost freezer, and then I spent 4 hours in the VCC getting my computer fixered… *Grumbles.*

Anyhow… now it’s fixed… and I’m IRTing again, cause I’m totaly addicted… I am… and I finaly have some criteria for the thinger… yersh… *Nods.*


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