Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, to Irritate people when it’s Cold!

Someone at our Local @Work Radio Station, thought it would be funny for them to play “Mele Kalikimaka.” You know… it’s the thing to say on a warm Hawaiian Christmas Day… Except of course that it’s 8 below zero (Fahrenheit) today. This is the last time anyone wants to hear about a warm Hawaiian Christmas. Seriously people, have some tact… we’re all freezing our assess off. I suppose they are trying to encourage us to think warm thoughts, but I don’t’ really think it’s working. Also the lady who gives the news updates is far too cheerful. She tells us how a dude got stabbed, a murder trial started and some poor family got all their Christmas gifts stolen… all in a very chipper, very annoying voice that makes me want to reach through the speakers and throttle her. I mean she sounds that happy about bad stuff happening to people.

Oh, I let it slip to my kid brother that I blog and now he’s trying to find it…  so in case he’s reading: Hi Ricky!!! Wubbooo so much my adawwabibble little brother. *Pinches Cheeks and gives a kiss on the Cheek.* Oh, btw, he’s 17. *Grins Evily.* I don’t suppose I have much to worry about anyhow… he already thinks I’m a freak… *Higgles.* What’s he gonna know of toaster jokes?

Well lets see… it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged… Holiday stuff and end of semester project cram… Ok… soo…

So yes, I worked on projects for a long while, and then I took Lyta into the shop, and got her keyboard fixed. You’ll now note that my ‘i’ key functions again… everybody celebrate. I also got the bay door on the side where the firewire cards go (and I assume other cards but I’ve only ever used firewire cards in it) so Lyta’s practically good as new, except that she refuses to accept the wireless signal in my office… that’s ok because I have my jump drive with me so I can transfer this to the desktop to post it up.

Remind me never to wear posts at work. Normally I remember this… always wear fishhook earrings at work… when I wear earrings at work, so the phone doesn’t stab me in the ear. Hazards of being a telephone operator I guess… but today is the office Christmas party so I wore festive holiday drop down posts… they got a bow on the post with a sprig of holly dangling down from the bow which is really three oblong green jewels… it’s kinda girly, and they stab me when I answer the phone but damnit I like these earrings… sooooooo I’m just wearing the right one… and the left is on my desk, where I won’t loose it. It’s not like I haven’t gone about with only one earring in before.

What else have I been doing since last I blogged… I did all of my Christmas shopping, I’d say what I got for folks, but the bro might be sniffing around, took several trips… the first was last Tuesday, a week before today, took care of my Brother, and my Mother and my Grandparents in that trip, and got breakfast at the Friendly’s in the Mall and caught a movie, in celebration of finishing school. Then I went out the other day with my mother, and took care of my Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins. Papa’s taken care of too, but if I say how that will give away what I gottim…

Ok, so I’m done with Christmas Shopping, but I still have to get my cousin Shayla’s birthday present. She was born on the 26th. Meh… I have to many balls up in the air to keep juggling like this.

Oh also, I recently got Evanescence’s “Anywhere but Home” Album, which totally rocks… and, uh… the rest of the time, I’ve been working at my job where I don’t get much web because Lyta won’t play ball so rather than typing on the desktop’s keyboard which has a lot more resistance than Lyta’s and is loud I’ve been reading old reviews on TWoP, and laughing my butt off.

Got around to reading the Lone Gunmen ones now, cause I’m done with the X-Files… though actually I just stopped in the middle of reading their ER extra, a review of “The Librarian Quest for the Spear” because, I just thought I should blog… I dunno… *Shrigs.* Anyhow yes I was rereading the Review for the Pilot of the Lone Gunmen and remembering the creepy feeling in the pit of my stomach that remembering that eppy gave me 6 months later when the saving the Twin Towers from having a commercial airliner run into them with one of our intrepid heros on board plotline… seemed really eerily prophetic. So I looked it up on Google and found a thing on Wikipedia what was really creepy. Apparently that eppy was airing in Australia when it happened, and was interrupted by newscasts of the real thing. I have to wonder if it was interrupted before or after the airliner part came into the plot, cause, if it was after… then I wonder how many people disbelieved what they saw… though it was part of the program… especially when you consider Fox’s somewhat sketchy news reliability.

Right then… I guess I’ll go back to reading TWoP, and you can go back to your regularly scheduled… whatever you were doing before you read this.


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