Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day! Last night’s Christmas Eve Mass went off very well, and the stuff I ordered from JCPennys came in just in time for me to wear it for Christmas Mass. I’m not a dress wearer, so usually I wear Nice Black Pants to church with my red Mock Turtleneck and my Christmas vest, but this year I got these kickass black legwarmers that I wanted to show off so… horror or horrors, I voluntarily wore a skirt. Well actually it was skorts so that was good cause I didn’t have to listen to my mom tell me all night to act like a lady and sit like a lady and all that stuff. Paired up the black pleated skorts with a pair of opaque red stockings, and my legwarmers over them, and I actually looked pretty nifty. Christmas is like Halloween, only instead of dressing up as a fictitious character or sommat, I’m dressing up as a mild mannered good little Catholic Girl. *Higgles.* Which of course no one who saw me at choir practice was buying… but they liked the getup anyhow, the vest matched my mom’s.

(Excluding a lot of the stocking stuffers which was Chapstick and Vitamins and things of that ilk.)

2 Pairs of Pajamas
1 Long Sleeved Black Shirt
1 Black “Don’t Make Me Go Zelda on You” T-shirt
Slippers and Big thick Socks
Fabric for my Ibuki Maya Cosplay Costume for Genericon in January
15 Dollar Gift Card for remainder of supplies for above Costume
Endust for my Keyboard
The Sims 2
Another Sandisk 512MB Jump Drive
Babylon 5, Season 5 on DVD
A Fedora
And an FYE Giftcard from my brother

My mom enjoyed the JCPenny Giftcard I got her… Ricky seemed pleased with the Best Buy Gift Card and Necklace I got him, and Papa I believe liked that I made out a check for him to send in to renew his Subscription to Scientific American.

Mom also got me a pair of Rabbit Fur Earmuffs that have to go back to Macy’s because Fur is Murder. It’s not her fault though. She was just trying to replace the fur earmuffs I had before that snapped in the cold. But I’d had them since before I cared about that… she keeps trying to tell me that the bunny is not going to come back to life if I take back the earmuffs but I can’t live with that. If I can find a way to repair my old ones that’s ok, cause I got them from Grandma Lucia back when she was working in the Fur industry when I was like 8. That’s an awful long time ago and I can’t bring them back now… it’s been 12 years… but yeah… they’re busted now and I don’t think I’ll ever wear them again… so yesh, nu more fur, cause it’s terrible.

I also have to exchange the Sims 2, for the DVD version, cause if you have a DVD/CDROM drive which I do, well actually it’s a DVD/CDRW Drive whatever, if you have DVD capability, it’s better to get the DVD version cause that’s just one Disk… but that should be an even exchange. I think.

My brother’s just gone out to get his sorta maybe not anymore girlfriend but still friends girl. I dunno what to call her. Lets just call her E. E is coming over to see our tree and things and exchange gifts with the family. I have a sneaking suspicion E might have helped Ricky pick out moms gift. I don’t think he’d have even gone into Brookstone without some prodding. Meh.

I’ve been wearing my fedora all day. I think it rocks apples. That and the Zelda T-Shirt, but I’m already wearing my “Is it too late to be good” T-shirt that my boss gave me and this one’s long sleeved, and besides I can wear the Zelda one whenever, but I can only wear the “Is it too late to be good” shirt around Christmas, cause that’s the joke. I’m pretty sure it’s a women’s fedora, the band around it is tied in a bow… but it’s kindof a flatish bow, and it’s narrow stuff… and Fedoras are fancy type hats, I think dude’s fedoras have bows on them too. Whatever. A Fedora’s a Fedora and I’ll be living in mine until it begins to bore me, cause it kicks so much ass. I’m actually dressed entirely in black today, so with that on I’m starting to look a bit like Michael Jackson… well Michael Jackson back in the 80s when he just looked like a woman, cause now he looks like… I dunno… the Crypt Keeper with a wig and a nose job.

Ahh… well Ricky’s back with E, so I’m off now!!!

Merry Christmas Again and to all a Nice Night!


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