Sushi will Arrive Upon Standing…

EOP is over now… and I am a Player!!! WOOT. *Ahem.* Yesh… I got playered last night… it wasn’t as bad as I though it was going to be… Eric saved us all I think, simply by going freaking nuts. Thank you Eric. The other group did so much better… but… well… they were given a bit more to work with. They certainly had me laughing though.

I awoke this morning to the sound of my Labyrinth Poster coming unstuck from my wall and falling on my bed. It’s a good thing that happened though cause as it turns out I’d forgotten to set my alarm last night, and after the players party… (and watching an hour and a half of Reno 911 DVDs to calm down some,) I was totally washed out. I mean I didn’t get to sleep till 5am. I’ll probably go to bed early today so I can get up and go to class on time. *Nods.*

My fish, is a spoilt brat. On Friday I did a massive cleaning… I cleaned my room, did 4 loads of laundry, and cleaned my fish tank. I went to the union to get a toothbrush to clean the plants with, and the cheapest one they had was 2 dollars and change. That’s too much for a fish tank toothbrush, but it was worth the extra dollar to me not to have to take the buss all the way to the Wal-Mart. So my fish gets his tank cleaned with a high quality toothbrush.

Tomorrow is Valentines day, and also the Birthday of one of my Favorite RPG characters, Ariahne Alexander-Luna. Hazle Alexander and Alexander Luna’s

Why is it that when you cook something with sauce, they always say that the: Sauce will thicken upon STANDING? I mean… have you ever seen a pot or a bowl stand? They sit… I’m not sure how they sit without an ass, but that is what they do. Why isn’t it: Sauce will thicken upon Sitting? Or even: Sauce will Thicken as it Cools? That’s the truth isn’t it? It’s really about letting it sit there and cool off… that’s when it gets thicker.

For the record, I taste absolutely no change between regular EzMac, and EzMac “Extreme Cheese.” There’s nothing extreme about it. I promise you. In fact… it may taste a little LESS cheesy.

I called Go Sushi earlier today… it’s a Japanese Restaurant about. I had ordered Tempura Shrimp and Veggies, and two pieces of Sushi on Friday. I’d never had Sushi before… it was good… the Tuna had a bit of a bite to it… but the guy across the hall says it shouldn’t have… so now I think it may have crashed into the Wasabi in transit. Next time I must ask them to send no Wasabi next time. It just crashes into things in transit. Anyhow… the Salmon was to die for. I wanted more… so I called Go Sushi today. But they have no Sushi on Sunday. This… is unacceptable. I desire Raw Salmon Draped over Rice I don’t hate. There’s something special about Sushi Rice. It’s GOOD. I keep having this dream now where I go catch a salmon… cut it’s head off… filet it, and just eat it raw. I want to do that. A whole fish worth of Salmon Sashimi.

I also want to eat the Hostess Cupcakes on my shelf, but I want to eat them with Milk… and I haven’t got any Milk.

*Burp.* But the EzMac will have to do for now, now won’t it.


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