Wacom Bliss…

I’ve been playing with my Wacom Tablet!!! It’s loverly… I can use the presure sensistve features in it now and have mastered coloring with it… Colored my drawing of Felicity for “EVA 04” and put that up… though I still can’t freehand draw yet… Well I have a little…

That was fun. *Grins.* Just little doodles like that is all I’ve been able to frehand so far… I’ve also got uh… new link buttons for some of the Random Links… I separated out two links into a new links section just for the Sims… I’ll add more later when I get around to it… They are such nice sites many of them.

And then… Uh… I’ll lay around and eat more beef jerkeyness…. cause Uh… I have no classes on Friday… and I have no classes THIS monday cause it’s Labor Day… so it should be fun… I’m going out at 7 or 9:30 tonight to see Chicago… I haven’t decided which show to see yet but I’m going to one of them…

And Tomara I gonna go on a date and I gonna see “Tron.” That’s got Bruce Boxlightner in it, from B5.

Did I mentoin I have a Wacom Tablet?

*Wanders off to make more link Images and Frehand doodles.*


Adendum 6:03 pm:

Me Maked a new Desktop with my Wacom…  and uh… rearanged a bit on the site… yesh.


And now I gots to get ready for Chicago…


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