That’s Sorry… hehehhe….

I haven’t blogged in weeks… and I’m sorry. Ok, but I have some good excuses… erm reasons…. yeah… ok:

First: For my last week at the TRU they decided to put me back on a whole lot of hours… so I had that…

Second: several days during those two weeks I was asked to work full time hours at the RPI job.

Third: This Fish has a Bike. I got tired of waiting around for certain OTHER bikes I saw on the playground at school, and got one from the TRU instead.

And if you haven’t figured out that I’m not talking about two whealed chain driven forms of locomotion, then you haven’t read Fish and Bicycles.

Anyhow, nowabouts I’m off to work laptop distribution… as if I haven’t been all summer… (See many previous thingers…. ‘specially 286 Envelopes.)


Yesh… and I still have to figure out how to NOT look ridiculous in the adult medium shirt…

So I’m off!!!



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