Driving Miss Mayo


It’s official!!! According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles… I am now Driving Miss Mayo!!!


I drove to Work!!!

It were FUN… *Grins.*


In sadder news it appears that in addition to attending a Christaning this Sunday, for my baby Cousing Christain… I will allso be attending a Funeral on Saturday, for a Relitive, (my mom’s cousin) who has recently died of a Brain Tumor.

I only met him when I was fairly young… 8 or 9ish, and while I tend not to remember the people I met at that age, especialy at a gathering as large as that was, (Family Reunion) I do remember him, because he climbed up on a Picknick table and Lead a Crowd of Reletives (Probably mostly the kids… I don’t realy remember who else was about at that point,) in an Exciting Rendition of the Classic song/chant/game “Hello: My name is Joe,” or “The Button Factory.”

((This Chant/Song/Game, in case you didn’t know consists of the folowing words: “Hello, my name is Joe, and I work in a Button Factory. I have a wife and a Dog and a Family. One day, my boss says: ‘Are you Bussy?’ I said: ‘No.’ He said then Push this button with your (Insert body part here.)” It’s usualy the hands first, then the feet, and then odd parts like hips or butts, or your tounge, and you have to continualy mime pushing the buttons with your body as you repeat that chant/song, over and over, adding a new buton each time, until you finaly have to give up and answar ‘Yes’ To your Boss))

Anyhow… that’s like, the only thing I remember from that family reunion… and he died…. so that’s sad…

But I can drive, so that’s happy…

Now I’m confused.


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