286 Envelopes….

That I have to open today… It was 161 on thursday, and 127 on wendsday… Then After I open them… I must find the lable for each of the people sending the forms, and stick it to a post card and send it to them… which is fine… but TEDOIS… and people are NOT making it easy for me… As Such, I have some tips for people filling out laptop forms at RPI:

The 10 Comandments of Laptop Forms:

1. Thou shalt Readest thine directions.

2. Thou Shalt not Seal thine Envelope with Packing Tape.

3. Thou Shalt not Check “No” on Form D, (That’s the FREE Laptop As Financial Aide Form.)

4. Thou shalt not Check “No” on form E either. (That’s the FREE Laptop as a Merit Award Form.)

5. Thou Shalt not Address Thine Envelope in Pencil.

6. Thou Shalt not Fold thine 8 and 1/2 by 11 Form into a 1 by 4 inch Rectangle.

7. Thou Shalt not Overnight Mail a Form that’s not due for 2 weeks.

8. Thou Shalt not Place any number other than Thine RIN or SSN on the RIN or SSN Number Line.

9. Thou Shalt not place thine forms in thine envelope such that the use of a letter opener shal sever thine forms in half.

10. Thou shalt NOT Mail the Yellow Form.

And now, if you don’t mind… my stack of Envelopes is swaying rather precaroisly and I must attend to it…


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