The C of despair….

I can’t belive I gotted a C. I gotted a C in Bio. *Grumbles.* Momma’s NOT gonna be happy… *sighs.* Oh well… I’ve got to get an A in Imaging… If I gets an A in imaging Everythign will be OK. I have to have an A in imaging because that’s the class that counts towards my major now.

I need that A… I need it I need it I need it… I’m gonna get it too… but I though I was getting a B in Bio. *Sighs.* I know I’m getting a C in Calc… but will I pas Chem? I dunno… but it’s OUT OF MY HANDS!!!

All that’s IN my hands is Calc… and I’m getting no more than a C in that, cause I can’t intergrate, so that’s all I gots on the Gateway Exam. But I gonna get an A in imagaing I HAVE too… there’s no other way… I absoloutly MUST… *Whimpers.*

Momma not gonna be happy… I in trouble…. but I gots JOBS… so I in less trouble that way… *Sighs.* I hate Chemestry… I hate Calc… and I can’t belive I gotted a C in Bio. I’m in the C of despair….

I need to sleep… I have a Calc Exam Tommorow…


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