Meet the Tabletopers

So… so you can get to know who’s who in these articles… I have made this quick little run down of the beleaguered crew of nerds that make regular appearances.

Mayo: That’s ME!!!!

  • Crafter, Tabletoper, LARPer, Theater Geek, BJD enthusiast and all around Nutbag.
  • Can’t spell or do simple arithmetic, but graduated RPI with a 3.13 anyway.
  • Works in a cubicle in the daytime as Desktop Support, a.k.a. The IT Guy
  • Prone to accidental innuendo. Cat person. Stepping in spilled water and getting a wet sock is known as “pulling a Mayo” for a reason. Certifiably crazy.
  • Play’s everything, cause it’s my blog and I wouldn’t be blogging it if I weren’t playing. DMed one module of “As the Wheel Turns.”


  • Strategy Gamer on nearly all platforms, first class Rules Lawyer, rhetoric expert and occasional Trekkie.
  • Historian, with a Masters Degree to back it up, will point out the historical anachronisms of any game setting if asked to do so.
  • Stuck working in retail, because… History Major.
  • Can be encountered kicking your rear at Strategy Games on Steam. Makes a really good video/PC gaming team with DB Ranger when DB bothers to play those sorts of games.
  • DMed “Heretics to the Empire” and the first module of “As the Wheel Turns,” and just took back over after Strife, playing in every other game covered.


  • Another Multi-Platform Gamer Geek, also a Leather Crafter, Writer, Philosopher and Entrepreneur.
  • Political Major found that College and Chaos Gods don’t mix and quit Southern Vermont College.
  • CEO of Seref Games, a startup game company, that many of us playtest for, but I don’t liveblog about because reasons.
  • Wants to be a Bunny Rabbit. Dislikes Dogs, but Majere’s dog LOVED her. Cuddly Aspie. Loves playing games over the network.
  • Plays in all the games. Also had a turn at DMing “As the Wheel Turns.”


  • Ran “Elder Forge,” and and “Ravenloft.” Played in and dropped out of several other games, but was an occasional contributer from the peanut gallery none the less.
  • Turned out to be a total Fedora. Good Riddance.

Katratzi and Waffle

  • Married Hardcore Console Gamers… ok that’s mostly Waffle, but Katratizi isn’t far behind. She’s also a Theater Geek and Anime Otaku.
  • Both have their Batchelors.
  • Waffle works for the state,  Katrtzi’s for GE.
  • Katratzi was my childhood best freind, and my roomate after college till she moved in with Waffle 3 years ago. Wouldn’t touch video games before Waffle got her hooked on Lego Games. They’re a gateway drug, it seems.
  • They play in “As the Wheel Turns” which is about as much tabletop as either can take.


  • Theater Geek, Tabletopper, and Video Gamer. Enjoys play by post, but can’t find a good one to play in right now.
  • Studying Economics. Always late to game because of night class.
  • The quiet one. Be ware of him. Student of Game theory, can often be found discussing homebrew mechanics and the relative merits of different game systems with Strife.
  • Played in “Ravenloft,” and “Heretics to the Empire,” and rolled into “Elder Forge” for all of one session back in the day.

DB Ranger:

  • My beau. My other half. My beloved. By my side for 8 years now. Hulu/Netflix addict. Dropped out of gaming because of his Web Series.
  • Power Rangers geek of the highest order. Prop Crafter, Cardboard God, Theater Geek.
  • Two BS Degrees from RPI make him a pro Physicist and 3D Animator.
  • Only played “As the Wheel Turns” because he’s a huge WoT fanboy. We keep bugging him to run a comedic DnD campaign after his turn as the WoT DM went hilariously.


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