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Flying Colors

Sooooo… clearly I’ve got this call center thing totally in my pocket. I got 102% on my test today, highest grade in my class. There’s me and I’d say about two others that are really gonna rock this, plus one guy who could rock this if he spoke better English.

I was really hoping we’d get to take our first calls today, but our two class disruptors decided to try and argue their grades with the instructor, so he had to explicitly explain why the answer to various questions WAS the answer to those questions and why their particular answers were not correct. Otherwise I bet we’d be on phones already.

In better news I did get to go clean up and set up my cubelet. It’ll be nice to have something approaching a cubicle again, even if it’s a pale shadow of a proper cube. It’s still a space I can live in, and keep the way I like it. I’m looking into getting some fancy pushpins on etsy since there’s so many rules about what you can and can’t have out there and I’d really like to properly personalize my space.

So after work as a reward I headed down to the Staples and got myself a badge reel, because eff this annoying lanyard, and headed up to Saratoga Springs to get the Microdermal I’m always talking about but never get. It’s sore!!! I can’t wait till I can take the bandaid off in a few days.

Back in the workforce and kicking some butt!!!


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I CAN HAZ JOB!!!!!!!!

So yes, today was my first day at my new job!!!

It’s not a for sure permanent position yet, I’m a subcontractor, in a temp to hire position. First I have to pass the training class with flying colors, then perform well over the remainder of my first 90 days, and if I do well enough I’ll be rewarded with a permanent position, and some pretty nice benefits.

What I’m doing is answering calls in a call center, in a customer service (i.e. not sales) role. We’re not actually allowed to say any more about that, only that we work in an ACS/Xerox call center… which yes, does mean I’m a subcontractor for a subcontractor for… the folk I can’t talk about.

It’s amusing also to get to tell people “If I told you any more I’d have to shoot you” when they ask about our job. It certainly pits a little pizzaz on to an otherwise low prestige job like working in a call center. I rather like it. Considering all the security measures, it means we’re trusted people and I intend to live up to that trust.

It seems like my dream job, however. We memorize information, facts… trivia essentially, and learn how to use a database filled with the more obscure information, to answer questions posed by callers who have specifically called to get that information. I get to trivia dump for a living.

Plus they say we’re allowed to have as many piercings and tattoos and strange colored hairs, as long as we dress and act professionally.

I’m looking forward to all the learning to be done over the next few weeks!!!!


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