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Etsy Indulgances

So I mentioned when I started reviewing Etsy purchases, that I was going to go back and give proper credit to some of my favorite old purchases… most of them I’ve sorted into some categories, and are awaiting a few more purchases that fit those categories before the reviews will be written, but today we’re going to go thru some of the outlayers… little indulgences I didn’t get because of gaming, or a certain geek motif I was looking to fill or any such thing…. things which are just plain awesome.

So first up is a Christmas gift I got, which is apparently from the same crafter as a gift I GAVE someone else! We’ve got  Fused Elegance, run by the same crafter as Lin’s Geekery, and also selling Fused Glass creations like the awesome Metriod pendant I gave to my friend, only… not geeky. I have to say this wing isn’t even done justice by the photos. I strung it on my favorite chain, around my neck at the moment, though it’s still going to have to share that chain with several other pendants that I happen to own.

I’ll stop for a moment to pimp the Amazon Universal Wishlist function… that’s how I got this glorious little slice of butterfly love. You can in fact put items on your Amazon Wishlist from Etsy.

The next Etsy purchase I’d like to highlight is my dragonhide gauntlets from Crystalsidyll. I actually have two pair of these, the ones pictured are my “House Gauntlets.” They’re custom in black with blue details and black knit, and they are contrary to appearances extremely COZY. The knit is thick and warm and hugs the hands, and the weight of the scales adds a little extra illusory warmth to them, like a thick cozy blanket… while still leaving the palms thin enough to easily use a keyboard or perform other detailed tasks. I’m wearing mine now!

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This has got to quit happening…

So… I’m laid off again. Happened on Thursday, but I’ve kind of been moping and loafing around since, so yeah… I actually got the heads up that it might be happening last Friday right before Genericon, which contributed heavily to my lack of desire to go to Karaoke, but they said there was a possibility it wouldn’t happen… and I tried to hope.

Once again they say they want me back as soon as they have work for me, and this time, seeing as how they’ve had me back before, I believe them, but it’s still fairly depressing getting laid off again, especially just now, where, what with MayoWare running, I had a little fun money for buying myself fun things like Evangelion nodes, and maybe a Ball Jointed Doll… that’s all scrapped now. None of that while unemployed, and no Sushi either unless someone else is footing the bill. I don’t know what I’ll miss more this time… Sushi, or shopping for myself. I’d never really done much of that before, but I think I was getting used to it.

I keep window shopping anyhow over at the Fairyland site, anyway tho. I’m not sure what it is about these Ball Jointed Dolls. I never window shop when I don’t have money, but here I am doing super huge amounts of research on the things. Fairyland makes the Littlefee I saw at the con. The LittleFee and PukiFee are so cute… not sure which one I want. I think PukiPuki is too small. That’s Kelly doll sized.

I’ll be looking for another job, of course, since I can’t count on them ever getting work for me again, but stupid as it sounds, I love working for them so much that I really hope they’ll be calling me back soon!!!


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Genericon 2010!!!!

Well it seems to me that I haven’t blogged Genericon since 2005… even tho I have never stopped going, so here we go!!!!

We didn’t do much the first night, after work by the time I got there there wasn’t much to do besides meet up with Jake’s friend Rachel, from far away, and hit the dealer rooms for an hour or two, watch the “It Came Out of Nowhere!” Panel, on new Anime, and then head home to sleep so we’d be fresh for Saturday.

I wish I hadn’t been so wiped from work or I’d have gone to the Karaoke.

Then I went and missed a good few hours, being the ASM for 1776 at the RPI Playhouse. We were having our first read-thru and I totally couldn’t miss that.

Then back to the con!!!! Jake and I went to see the Mandelorian Armour panel, not because we’re big into Star Wars, but because Jake is big into build it yourself armor, and some of what they showed us was totally applicable to his Power Ranger’s jones.

We killed a half hour in the main hallway, where I picked up a cup-o-dice, a set of teeeeeeny metal dice and a few really shiny single dice, and went to see Metropolis.

By Metropolis of course, I mean the original black and white silent movie, in all it’s tore up missing parts glory. I need to see the fully restored one that they showed at the Proctors last year now… with the parts put back in. I never thought I’d have the patience for a silent move, but… whoa. Go Metropolis.

After that we picked up Dinner at Big Apple Pizza (It will always be “the Bella” to us…) and ate it in the lobby at the Playhouse. I think that’s one of my favorite things about this con, is that it’s literally several yards away from my home theater, The RPI Playhouse, so I’ve always got someplace I can go chill and get away from all the other con people… well except those who are also RPI Players, but they’re there for the same reason if they are…

Then we went to watch Cowboy Bebop and called it a night again. I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get far enough into the series to meet Ed. We need to watch more.

Over the first two days, I was asked no more than four times if I was a Persicom.

No one knows Evangelion anymore. It’s sad.

On Sunday, Jake had work, so I hit the con alone at 6am to see Princess Tutu, per the recommendation of the “It Came Out of Nowhere” Panel. I liked it. I think I’ll watch more.

Read or Die was canceled, since they didn’t get the rights, and Jake texted because he forgot to tape Power Rangers, so I took a midday break….

And came back in time for “Beyond DD” a great presentation by Uncle Yo, wherein I was recognized for the first time as Shinji! By Uncle Yo himself!!!!

And shortly into the panel my friend Rachel turned up to sit with me, which was great. We chilled, and afterward went with her boyfreind Chris to see “It Came From France” while Jake went… I’m not sure where, to hang out with HIS Rachel, because they hadn’t seen each other in forever…

Then all Six of us, Me and Jake, and Both Rachels and their respective boyfreinds, rounded off the con by going to see Uncle Yo’s standup routine. Like I said… the man is funny!

On the way to Uncle Yo, I stopped to talk to some BJDers about the little ones… well only one of them had a little one sitting down on the table, I think it was a little bigger than the one I held last year. They said it was a LittleFee and it’s owner wasn’t there at the moment to talk to me, so I’ll have to do more research online.

I want a BJD!!!!


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Ok, so I’m hooked…

No I mean I’m Seriously Hooked. I haven’t been this into a season of Power Rangers since Mystic Force. Yes Power Rangers. Shut Up.

Whilst Mystic Force had the Potteresque charm of a bunch of teenagers gifted with magical powers fighting the big bad while discovering their own true power, RPM has a post apocalyptic landscape populated by characters all dealing with issues of family acceptance and/or loss, whilst battling with giant robots.

It’s Evangelion for kids.

The center peice, at least for me, of this whole shebang, is the Rangers Mentor, Doctor K, who could give Katsugari Misato and Agaki Ritsuko a run for their money for the titles of Most Messed up Mentor, and Most Damaged Computer Genius, respectively, and Gem and Gemma, two trigger happy ADDers whom I expect to pull an Asuka in the bathtub, in the event they are for some reason unable to blow the enemy up real good, which seems to be their only purpose in life.

Then we have Ziggy Grover, incompetent, blustering, clumsy, and for some unknown reason, infatuated with Doctor K. His main skill is SHADOW PUPPETS, and his foot is in his mouth more often than not. It’s cute. So naturally Doctor K pushes him away at every opportunity.

How do I know I’m hooked? Other than the rambling? I wrote PR Fan Fiction…

Yeah… I did.

Thanatos: People who hide themselves from others seldom turn on a dime to wear their heart on their sleeve, but if pressed, they may fake it. Doctor K is nearly clever enough to pull it off. (Read Story)

It’s on the FanFic.net. I know… it’s sad. But these days Private Archives don’t get enough traffic.


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Genericon Report 2005- Day Three…

Didn’t get much sleep last night…. Eye of Argon and All…

9:30am- Reset the Alarm to give us more time to sleep.

10am- Wake… have caffeinated soda for breakfast.

11am- Go get Erin, chill out in the dealer rooms till noon.

12 noon- Attend the Triva Contest. I don’t participate because I don’t know much about anything at all… Erin is the only one of the three of us who even bothers turning in her test. Compared to me the girl’s an encyclopedia of Anime. One of the answers to a question asking the name of a secret society in some Anime I’ve never seen is “Andreas Katsulas.” I cackle. The Test maker dude looks up and says “Oh you Got that?” I guess he didn’t expect anyone else to get the joke until he pointed it out… which he did after the question was answered, that “Andreas Katsulas” is in fact, the actor who portrays G’kar on Babylon 5.

1pm- Take more pictures of other Cosplayers, who have come for the Cosplay Panel, before joining Rachel and Erin at the new location for the end of the Trivia Contest.

2ish- We go watch “Chrono Crusade,” till the end of the Con.

5pm- Closing Ceremonies… After which I walk Rachel and Erin to Rachel’s car… then go home and Crash… assemble my models… eat some Pocky… The Official End of Genericon 2005… for me.


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