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I fail at Blogging… really I do… ok… sooooooooo….

I want to take a moment to shamelessly plug some of the stuff that’s been keeping me away from blogging by keeping me sooooo damn busy.

First of all, NEW APARTMENT!!! I’ve moved across town and am no longer living with my former roomate, who’s moved closer to her job, but have a one bedroom garden level across town. That took up the last week of September and a lot of the beginning of October, because aaaaaagh… moving!

Speaking of the beginning of October, I’d like to put in a few lines of silence for Eugene Kosarovich who passed away October 4th. There was a lot made of it on Facebook, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet.

Ok… on a similar note, Not So Common Player’s “Clue the Musical” was terrific when I saw it on Friday. You guys were great! Jon, you did a great job stepping into your role so late in the production.

Also I’ve been working on RPI Player’s “The Visit” as the Master Scenic Painter. What’s that you say? Who ever heard of Players having Master Scenic Painters? Well… this show just has that much paint. Players who read this, come to Work Parties Please. I did the forest drops mostly solo because their organic and need to be done all at once while wet and by one person to look natural, and also because the set isn’t ready for paint and the street scape drop still needs priming… but we’ve got a whole town set coming up these next two weeks to paint and once I rough in the overall design I want painters all over it like ants on a dropped Popsicle in July, painting in the different buildings Caleb and Liz have designed, both on the practical set and on the street scape drop.

And I’ve been ramping up to the impending end of Power Rangers RPM by roughing out an idea for a 26 vignette series about Doctor K called “Alphabet Soup,” which would of course, include Thanatos as chapter T.

Also I want to pimp the Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem LARP I’ve been playing, because they were absolutely terrific with the Masquerade Ball this weekend. I know I already thanked them on the forums, but you guys should know how awesome they are too, and if anyone’s interested in joining… please contact me and I’ll put you thru to them. (Disclaimer: Yes, they’re offering XP bonus to people who recruit others.)

And lastly… Erters who read here, just FYI, I bumped a bunch of the old EzBoard/Yuku forums while I was on today, so the archives on those ones are still active, but I think we lost a couple more of the old forums to inactivity… if you need a link to any of them let me know here or on the forums and I’ll point you there. If you have anything you care about you really should archive it because the ezBoards are expiring faster these days and I wouldn’t even have thought to check on them if the sort of a gripe community I’ve been posting on on Yuku for a few months now, hadn’t gone mega-downhill with the infighting lately. It turns out there’s not much left to read there after you put a few psychos on block.

And all of this reminds me that I don’t just fail at Blogging… I fail at Sims too… I haven’t done anything in the Sims Community in ages.


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Network Attached Storage Drive?

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about getting an external hard drive for quite a while, to be kept in the apartment, not a portable one, which I could attach my laptop to when home to get things I needed on or off it… however this would strap me to my desk in order to use it. I do have a home wireless network already installed, using a Linksys Wireless-G router, to connect my roomate’s desktop, my laptop and the Wii to the web. It’s got a WEP key so the neighbors can’t get in since I’m in an apartment. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways… I have been looking into a way to attach an external hard drive to the network, so that I can access it wirelessly from my laptop. Attaching it to my roomate’s desktop in order to do this is a no go, as I wouldn’t have access to it when she wasn’t home, in case of a hardware issue. Attaching it to the laptop defeats the purpose. Attaching it somehow directly to the router seems to be the ideal situation. It could sit in the multimedia cabinet next to the Wii, the router, and the cable modem.

Sooooo… I’ve been researching on the internet… and it looks like what I need is a Network Attached Storage Drive. But there are some caveats on them, regarding their general behavior. So….. can one of my more in the know computer friends, explain the differences between a USB external hard drive, and a Network attached External Hardrive (aside from the obvious: the Network drive would be accessible to anyone on the network.)

Thanks so much!!!!


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If I had a hammer…

Dear Behind us on the Other Side if the Building Neighbors:

Please, STOP banging on our wall. I’m trying to put together a shelf here, and all that noise you are making is making it very hard for me to concentrate. I have taken care to check the apartment complex policy on “disturbing noises” the upshot of which is “Don’t make disturbing noises, but if you do, please do it before 10pm and after 7am.” It is not yet 10 pm. I have food… all over my kitchen table, and floor, and I have a shelving unit here, which is 16 tiny finishing nails, which require a hammer, and 8 adjustable pegs and 2 shelves, which do not, away from being my pantry. The whole operation will take another 5 minutes. Less even. So either shut up over there, or get your shoes on, and come over here and give me a good freaking reason not to assemble my shelf. Do not simply pound on my fucking walls and make an even bigger and more belligerent racket than I was making innocently trying to assemble my shelf.

Now it is true, that I once said, ok… more than once, but always facetiously, that if I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the midafternoon so as not to disturb anyone. But I don’t get home until 6:30 in the evening, and today, lo, I rested for a few hours before I started putting it together (tho in my defense I figured it would all be screws… and all the structural things are… it just takes 24 tiny nails to put the bloody backing on.)

So you can have your quiet NOW. But at 6:30 tomorrow, I’m finishing my freaking shelf, and no amount of pounding is going to make me stop untill the bloody thing is good and well assembled.


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Internet has Arrived!!!

Well… at long last, I have internet in my appartment. Teh Cable Guy installed the cable modem right under the TV using my laptop and an ethernet cable to test it, and after he left, I put in my own wireless router and stuff cause it’s silly to rent theirs when I can damn well take care of my own router. Right, so it’s set up and it works and it makes me kinda happy. I’m also a bit sad cause normaly this would mean I was jumping back into ERT, but I’m not, cause that’s kinda like playing in somone’s back yard when they’ve kicked you out of their house. It’s weird and shows no respect at all for the fact that they’re mad and want you out of their hair.

I’ve got Dracula to keep me bussy tho… which is cool… and also kind of cold. I don’t know what I was thinking about agreeing to jump in at the last minute and help out with what is essentialy an outdoor production in October. It’s going alright, but it’s certainly not doing much to dispell my general feelings that this sort of role is really not for me. I don’t do the sexy thing… at all.

The Last Five Years over at RPI was quite nifty, I wish I could see Improvcapalla but I’m bussy of course being a vampire vixen. Anyone who happens to decide they want to come see me make an arse out of myself in a skimpy-due-to-shredding dress and a wig that makes me look like a member of KISS, should be forwarned to dress very warmly.


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Mega Meff….

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get on the web this weekend as expected. Teh Cabel guy came… but the line running into our apartment is somehow busted… having crawled up into the attic in search of the trouble, my bet is on squirrels. I found an electric wire with the coating chewed off on one side… but the maintenance fellow that came by said it was a dead line. He taped it up anyhow just to be safe. Anyhow, now we get internet when someone runs us a new cable line… so… not sure when that’s going to be. Could be quick, the maintenance folks have dealt with every other problem we’ve had the next weekday, but could be longer… none of those problems involved crawling around in the attic.

Also I ate raw chicken for dinner last night, by accident, by not frying the chicken all the way thru… and Dracula’s auspicious lack of set is making me nervous… Sound is the only tech really working, since the lights need re-focusing, and we don’t get costumes and blood effects till tonight and open on Thursday. That and another thing I’ll not go into, are making me a nervous person, and I’m not sure if my stomach flutters are nerves or chicken related… tho I’m guessing nerves since I’m told the actual chances I’ve contracted salmonela are slim. Meff.


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