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Lime away, actually works like they say it does… I mean I wasn’t expecting it when I borrowed the bottle from my mother to try and do something about the crusty white build up around the bathroom faucet… but wow.

Oh, and we lost water pressure in the kitchen again. I think it’s not just the aerator, cause an aerator shouldn’t go to crap so fast. At least we don’t live in a fishbowl anymore… my father came by on Sunday and helped install curtain rods in the bedrooms. We’ll get the ones up in the living room next weekend, hopefully after we find a traverse rod for that size window.

Also there’s nothing good on TV on Monday nights if. I mean it. Nothing. Well… by TV I of course mean ABC, and NBC, since that’s all we get right now. We need cable… and I need web at home… my wiki-addiction is getting to me, among other things. I just don’t want to loose out on webly freindships because I haven’t been on enough lately.

On a side note: “Airplane!” (which I watched on DVD because there was nothing good on TV) is twice as funny when there are screwdrivers before. The beverage… not the tool.


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Lightswitch Roulette….

Yey! We have hot water that doesn’t stink to high heavens! And they fixed the wobbly shelf in the kitchen which is nice. *Nids.*

I had to stay late at work last night so we didn’t get the windows measured for curtains, but we will tonight. Last night however we DID play light switch roulette… which is where you take a light and plug it into a socket you THINK might be the one attached to the light-switch and then have your roomate flip the switch. In this way we successfully located one outlet in each bedroom which the light switch in that room activates, and one in the living room activated by both a switch between the bedroom doors and one in the kitchen. Also Rachel unpacked the TV antennae that goes with the 12 inch TV in her room, and I hijacked it for the 20 incher in the living-room… she’s agreed it can live there till we get cable, so now we get NBC and ABC… CBS comes in terrible, and Fox not at all… but there’s nothing worth watching on Fox anymore anyhow.

I find I don’t miss the internet at home as much as I though I would, and definitely not as much as I miss cable TV. Most of the time I talk to people I know in real life, in person, and I can always call them on the phone, and of the people I talk to only on the internet, those I talk to most frequently really don’t want to talk to me anymore anyhow. I miss them, but having the internet again wouldn’t let me talk to them if they don’t want me to. I don’t feel right posting at IRT while I’m on the outs with them, so really all I do on the web anymore is read webcomics and use Livejournal, which I can do on lunch.

Mostly when I think I’d like to use the web at home, I want to Google something, or look it up in the Wikipedia. I’d add looking up TVlistings to that, but we have no cable, and it doesn’t take long to check two channels. Also last night I wanted to LJ about the water and lightswitches, but I just did that. Right then… back to work.


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Welcome to the Fishbowl…

Welcome to the Fishbowl! We got fun and games! *Ahems.*

Yes… I’m calling our apartment “The fishbowl” but don’t worry Mike (Haven Mike,) I’m not naming the place. It’s only a temporary moniker by which to refer what is primarily known as “the apartment” because we have absoluty no window coverings, and thus… it’s like living in a fishbowl.

With less water… a lot less water, seeing as how our hot water smells of sulfur so we try not to use it. I had a loffly cold submarine shower this morning. When I left this morning the maintenance folks were in the closet downstairs with the water heaters, working on that issue.

Feeling a little groggy today and I’m not really sure why… I went to bed earlier than I usually do last night, owing to total lack of Cable TV or Internet… and Rachel was going to bed so I hit the hay too. When we have TV I’ll likely stay up later watching things. But as of now we don’t so I don’t. I was going to build the apartment in Sims2 and move in SimMarisa and SimRachel… but then I remembered that I still have to finish playing SimRachel thru University. I must really get on that. Mefff. Finaly paid for my paid account again… it was overdue so I didn’t have paid for a few days. But it’s back now… yey. Right… running out of lunch… check back tomorow!!! Bye now!


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Internet ETA…

So yesh, I just got off the phone with Time Warner, during my loffly lunchy break… and they’ll be by to hook up our cable and internet on the 7th… so that’s when you all can expect me back on messengers and such. RL-Freinds if you need me my cell is the best way to get me, online friends, either comment on this entry, or e-mail me and I’ll try to check it at work. Otherwise I may as well be on the moon… (with Steve.)

Look forward to talking to you guys on the web again! Loffing the new Apt. Got food from Hanniford and needed things (like trashcan for kitchen) from Target yesterday, and it’s starting to shape up to a livable place. I mean the place itself is eminently livable, but when there’s no food and no garbage can and things you can’t really nest much. I do want to mop the kitchen some… it’s not terribly soiled but is mildly sticky, as is the bathroom floor… of course for that we need a mop. Also we need curtains or at least blinds… cause I feel like we’re living in a fishbowl with the big windows and nothing covering them…

I have my own place!!! *Beams.*


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Well starting tonight I’m moving to the new apartment, most of it will be done tomorrow, but when I’m at the rents tonight I’ll mostly be packing… which means I’ll likely not be online until I get to work on Monday, and then it won’t be for fun (but I can totally sneak on at lunch to read replies on LJ.) Anyhow yeah… I’ll see yous on the flip side… so to speak!


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