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Dear Chatty Cathy,

I don’t know who you’re talking about or what your talking about them too… but if I hear the phrase “You know what I mean?” one more time… I will expl- ya said it again. *Mutters.* Every other SENTENCE out of your mouth. How can anyone know what you mean if all you ever say is “You know what I mean?”



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Hey Chatty!!!

Dear Chatty Cathy and Friends,

Can we please maybe NOT speculate on the possibility that the bird flu has arrived in the capital region next to the desk of the intern who’s trying to stay awake with the cold that’s trying to wear her down. It’s not encouraging.

Thank you.


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Chatty Cathy Strikes Again…

The Queen of Personal Calls… hereby dubbed “Chatty Cathy” is at it again… I’ll not bore you with the gruesome details… but I hope you’ll find this amusing. As she’s expounding so nice and loudly on the phone to her friend or relative or whatever about her troubles… she says the following “I’m so glad I can talk to you about this. You’re the only one I can tell.”

Yeah… them and the WHOLE OFFICE.



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Shhhhhhh!!!! I’m trying to WORK here.

I do believe, any moment now I’m going to just storm over to the lady on the edje of the cubicle field. It’s one thing to be noisy about a sales call… enthusiasm and all that… but, does she HAVE to be so LOUD about a PERSONAL call? I don’t want to hear the stories about her aunt and her sister and how her mother “just snatched it out of [her] hand…” whatever it was. I mean I know she must do some great work for the company or she wouldn’t still be here, but blech… can’t she save the girl talk for off work hours? Oh… she’s hung up… back to work then.


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