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Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, to Irritate people when it’s Cold!

Someone at our Local @Work Radio Station, thought it would be funny for them to play “Mele Kalikimaka.” You know… it’s the thing to say on a warm Hawaiian Christmas Day… Except of course that it’s 8 below zero (Fahrenheit) today. This is the last time anyone wants to hear about a warm Hawaiian Christmas. Seriously people, have some tact… we’re all freezing our assess off. I suppose they are trying to encourage us to think warm thoughts, but I don’t’ really think it’s working. Also the lady who gives the news updates is far too cheerful. She tells us how a dude got stabbed, a murder trial started and some poor family got all their Christmas gifts stolen… all in a very chipper, very annoying voice that makes me want to reach through the speakers and throttle her. I mean she sounds that happy about bad stuff happening to people.

Oh, I let it slip to my kid brother that I blog and now he’s trying to find it…  so in case he’s reading: Hi Ricky!!! Wubbooo so much my adawwabibble little brother. *Pinches Cheeks and gives a kiss on the Cheek.* Oh, btw, he’s 17. *Grins Evily.* I don’t suppose I have much to worry about anyhow… he already thinks I’m a freak… *Higgles.* What’s he gonna know of toaster jokes?

Well lets see… it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged… Holiday stuff and end of semester project cram… Ok… soo…

So yes, I worked on projects for a long while, and then I took Lyta into the shop, and got her keyboard fixed. You’ll now note that my ‘i’ key functions again… everybody celebrate. I also got the bay door on the side where the firewire cards go (and I assume other cards but I’ve only ever used firewire cards in it) so Lyta’s practically good as new, except that she refuses to accept the wireless signal in my office… that’s ok because I have my jump drive with me so I can transfer this to the desktop to post it up.

Remind me never to wear posts at work. Normally I remember this… always wear fishhook earrings at work… when I wear earrings at work, so the phone doesn’t stab me in the ear. Hazards of being a telephone operator I guess… but today is the office Christmas party so I wore festive holiday drop down posts… they got a bow on the post with a sprig of holly dangling down from the bow which is really three oblong green jewels… it’s kinda girly, and they stab me when I answer the phone but damnit I like these earrings… sooooooo I’m just wearing the right one… and the left is on my desk, where I won’t loose it. It’s not like I haven’t gone about with only one earring in before.

What else have I been doing since last I blogged… I did all of my Christmas shopping, I’d say what I got for folks, but the bro might be sniffing around, took several trips… the first was last Tuesday, a week before today, took care of my Brother, and my Mother and my Grandparents in that trip, and got breakfast at the Friendly’s in the Mall and caught a movie, in celebration of finishing school. Then I went out the other day with my mother, and took care of my Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins. Papa’s taken care of too, but if I say how that will give away what I gottim…

Ok, so I’m done with Christmas Shopping, but I still have to get my cousin Shayla’s birthday present. She was born on the 26th. Meh… I have to many balls up in the air to keep juggling like this.

Oh also, I recently got Evanescence’s “Anywhere but Home” Album, which totally rocks… and, uh… the rest of the time, I’ve been working at my job where I don’t get much web because Lyta won’t play ball so rather than typing on the desktop’s keyboard which has a lot more resistance than Lyta’s and is loud I’ve been reading old reviews on TWoP, and laughing my butt off.

Got around to reading the Lone Gunmen ones now, cause I’m done with the X-Files… though actually I just stopped in the middle of reading their ER extra, a review of “The Librarian Quest for the Spear” because, I just thought I should blog… I dunno… *Shrigs.* Anyhow yes I was rereading the Review for the Pilot of the Lone Gunmen and remembering the creepy feeling in the pit of my stomach that remembering that eppy gave me 6 months later when the saving the Twin Towers from having a commercial airliner run into them with one of our intrepid heros on board plotline… seemed really eerily prophetic. So I looked it up on Google and found a thing on Wikipedia what was really creepy. Apparently that eppy was airing in Australia when it happened, and was interrupted by newscasts of the real thing. I have to wonder if it was interrupted before or after the airliner part came into the plot, cause, if it was after… then I wonder how many people disbelieved what they saw… though it was part of the program… especially when you consider Fox’s somewhat sketchy news reliability.

Right then… I guess I’ll go back to reading TWoP, and you can go back to your regularly scheduled… whatever you were doing before you read this.


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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all!!! I had a great year this year, we got the tree all up and shiney and we stayed home long enough this time for me to sing with the chior on Christmass Eve Mass. I love doing that… it’s my favorite part of the Christmas season… there’s nothing like trying to keep up with the vocal acrobatics of faced paced multy harmony music, or just trying to make it all the way through the “Glooooo-ooooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooooo-ria!” part of “Angels We Have Heard on High” at a full belt without breathing.

My Favorite song to sing was “Calypso Christmas,” Which was three/four Part harmony, (The altos and Second Sopranos were in unison most of the time,) in which the sepearate Parts aren’t harmonies, but actualy 2-3 separate countermelodies (depending on what part you are at) with diferent rythems and lyrics. It’s great fun. *Grins.*

And the Gifts were ptretty nifty too… I got 2 Pair ToeSocks From my Brother, and my parents gave me the First Season Bablyon 5 DVDS, The Sims Making Magic, and all 5 Harry Potter Books in a Special Edition Boxed Set (Though the 5th book isn’t actualy in the inner box… *Pokes Amazons failure to mention that.*)

The BF came over too yesterday, after dinner, and he braught me a MicroSizers RC Car… it’s realy nifty, and you can do teeny tiny hop ups and things for it. *Grins.* If I get the VW Bug Body… I’ll have a Micro Sized Version of my Dream car, (An Electric Blue VW Bug, with Automatic (*ducks from standard lovers*) and a Vanity Plate Reading ITHSILZA (Yes I know there’s another H in Ithsil’Zha, but that won’t fit on a Licence Plate.)

I got him an Anime DVD, and My Mom a JC Penny Giftcard, and my Brother a Candy Express Gift Certificate, and My Father some GeoMags. I got gifts for My Aunts and Uncles… (all 4 of them… 2 by marrage, so 2 gifts, one for each couple) and for my grandparents, and each of my 2 cousins, but on the off chance they are reading this (Well I know the cousins aren’t… they to young,) I won’t say what.

Tomorow we got to NJ for my Older Cousin Shayla’s Birthday Party… though her birthday is realy today, and She’s 2.


She of course gets two gifts, one for Christmas and one for Birthday, though reach gift actualy contains two items, *Higgles.* I think I just love finaly Having the cousins I’ve been hearing about all my life from freinds. I mean I have two other first cousins, but I never see them, cause they are on my fathers side of the family…

They are so cute and little and loveable… and I hope when they get old enough to know better they don’t both decide they don’t like me… I wanna be the cool cousin. Afteral… I’m only 3 years younger than my Aunt was when my mom had me… I think… or was it 4… *Shrigs.* It’s still close.

Anywho… off to sheep with me… car trip tomara… lets hope it’s better than last time.


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Mayo Playing Ketchup

Well here I am again, after spending a week without internet, and then another two weeks on limited internet, because I was at home and not college, I’m back! There’s so much that I have to say, but I don’t remember half of it…. I know I had a lot because I made a note to tell you about it… but… I forgot what it is. So bear with me if this seems a little scattered:

Pre Christmas: A day or so after mom recovered from squirting super fast drying 5 second fingernail superglue in her eye, specifically on Dec 23, we opened Christmas presents… I gots a really awesome plasma lamp in the shape of a star, and a curling Iron and shirts and things… IT was cool… kind of a whoville christmas… like I said before.

Christmas: We opened our stockings in NJ. I got my Chap Sticks and tic tacks I did the thing with the nut… and slept on Grandma’s couch.

The rest of that trip: I bought myself Unleashed and played a lot with it… then we went to NYC… I HATE NYC… but the part we visited this time isn’t as bad as the last coupla times when we wound up in like Times Square type area. This time we were in Chelsea. It’s not NEARLY as claustrophobic there. I also spent a lot of time proofing the last 5 Chapters of ‘Mind Games’ that were already written… (I uploaded them today!) and started work on Chapter 11.

New Years: I had my first Screwdriver. BIG MISTAKE. By midnight I was ready to be fast asleep. It tasted pretty darn good though. Comparative to bear or wine at least. All this being served in my own house and by my own parents and therefore perfectly legal in my state.

Subsequent to New Years: I downloaded Sims Transmogrifyer to work on making a Babylon 5 style door for my B5 family. I worked more on The X-Files “What We Don’t Let her know” and Chapter one of The X-Files “Phoebe Again” Camped out on the couch and occasionally ventured upstairs to leach internet from the den. I did my folkses laundry and my laundry but not my brother’s laundry cause his room is a royal mess. I watched my copy of the Carol Burnett version of Annie, and looked up where the girl who played (Toni Ann Gisondi) Molly is now (Substitute teacher in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.), and then for my mother I looked up what Catherine Zeta Jones was in that she would know (America’s Sweethearts) and what on earth had John Leguizamo been in that she had seen his face in… (Nothing.. but he WAS the Voice of Sid in Ice Age) I packed and I came back to College…

College: I unpacked, caught up on my internet, and downloaded my schedule into my PDA… went to classes… baught textbooks… uploaded the 5 new chapters of “Mind Games” and posted this!!!

And yes…. I am aware that the title of this entry is an awful pun… but it’s about a sandwitch dressing… so it’s alowed.


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Christmas in a Nutshell

No… I’m not going to try and convince those who do not believe that this is really how it aught to be. I’m not up on a soap box and I’m not going to start thumping a Bible. (I think the term bible thumper is sort of funny… It’s rather disrespectful to thump a book so I think that it’s a rather backward name for them, though they occasionally go a little… ok sometimes even a lot, overboard. Their hearts are in the right place… ok, It’s time to end this aside…) But this is MY blog, and by golly if I’m feeling a bit spiritual… ok a lot spiritual (I’m always a BIT spiritual) then I’m gonna post about it.

This year, Christmas is going to be very different for our family. Most years, we deck the whole house out in Christmas decorations, and we pop 4 of Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas CDs and One Kenny G Christmas CD (*Shudders*) into the 5 CD changer and the whole house feels like Christmas. We tape all the Christmas cards we get to the door that leads from the Kitchen to the basement. And every year we have a big 6 or 7 foot evergreen in the living room, and up till a few years ago my father would battle the boughs to make sure it was lit from the inside out… but that’s my job the past few years, and I enjoy it. Then I (or he) would wrap the garland around it and in the rest of the family to put up the orniments. Mom does the honors, putting up the first ball, a clearish blue one that she got a couple of years ago, and since has had the traditional honor of going up first, since it roomed in the box with the red glass balls my parents had since they were married, (and lost 4 out of 24 of over the last 20 years) Then up went the red balls, my brother and I each get to put up 10 on our sides of the tree, and then debate who gets to use which of the family ornaments on their side of the tree…

(“Well if you get the walrus then I get the tree fairy.” “No fair you had the tree fairy last year!” “No I didn’t you had the tree fairy and the walrus, because I got the seal on the north pole sign.” “Oh… yeah… then I get the seal this year…” “Ok…I call the pinecone birds…” “Ok… so I get the silk fish and Kermit on the sleigh…” “Ok….”)

That tradition started years and years ago, when our parents told us that how we decorated the tree impacted how many gifts we would find under our sides of the tree. It was never a malicious competition, always in good humor, up until the last few years. Then the competition diminished, as our tree decorating took on a whole new purpose, with the invention of a new game. We took 3 jointed teddy bear ornaments, and walked them around the tree… the “floors” of which were determined by both the natural ledges of the palm boughs and the garland. They were on a mission, to find something, we decided, and they could only move so many paces… each pace was determined as the distance from one light to the next on the light strings… and they had to get to a red ball or one of a few special ornaments (the Gumball machine, or the Tree Fairy, or any ornament that had food, excluding the plastic gingerbread people, gingerbread houses and the candy cane and gumdrop teeter totter, just because it’s not nice to eat people or their houses and furniture.)

The game developed that year, into a whole complicated extravaganza, the rules of which were rather complicated but well known. We took turns speaking for the ornaments, and guided our bears along the trail to find what they were looking for. But… they never found it that year, because we couldn’t think of anything.

The next year, with the game in mind we set up the tree looking quite nice, while also having a playable game board, and decided that they were in search of the star at the top of the tree… they never made it. It was too long a journey and the clues to cryptic because if they weren’t it would be to obvious…

The year after that… we tried again, with a new destination in mind. I started a new tradition that year, when as I attempted to hang it on the tree the old silly looking baby Jesus in a cradle made out of walnut shell ornament broke, and Jesus fell out. We decided that it was ok that it was in two pieces, and left baby Jesus over behind my mother’s precious moment’s nativity. When we came down Christmas morning, I went to look for him to put him in the walnut cradle… but Santa already had.

The baby in the walnut was our goal that year, and the three bears our Magi. We had to get them their by the Epiphany, because that was the weekend that the tree came down. I was most appropriate, and that year, they made it to where they meant to get. We played that game for a couple of years, even adding a little ladder down by the bottom of the Tree that was given to me by my Spanish speaking grandfather. It used to have an Elf and Santa on it… but the elf fell off…

Then one year, my brother simply didn’t want to bother with the tree decorating… or the game. He said he was too old. (For the record he’s 2 and ½ years younger than me.) So I got all of the good ornaments that year… and mom decorated his side… the next year, he came back to decorating, knowing if he didn’t he would get stuck with the cookie dough clown and the wooden tug boat.

The game disappeared, but every year we still decorated the tree, and put up the walnut cradle in the center of the tree, right about eye level, and every year when we came downstairs for presents, there would be the tiny baby Jesus in his cradle.

This year we don’t have a 6 foot pine tree. We have a 2 foot tall fake tree that has always resided on the coffee table in the Family room (The biggie always went in the front window in the Living room.) and it’s still decrated from past years… I was off at college till last Wednesday, and the family was sort of busy. We are going to visit relatives in New Jersey for the holidays anyhow. We leave on Christmas Eve, so we won’t even be here. That tree always meant a lot. I though without it there was no way there could be Christmas.

Even with the whole house decked out and the Christmas Music blaring out of the stereo (And if you don’t think Christmas Music can Blare than you have never heard Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas Music… It’s SPECTACLUAR!!!) There was something seriously missing. I though it was the tree. But at Church this morning I realized what it was. Santa Clause and Trees and Christmas carols are not what it’s about for me any more. It hasn’t been for years. I got home from church and ran downstairs to the basement pulling out the box of Christmas tree ornaments, which was still down there, cause we didn’t have a tree big enough to put it on anyhow… and I searched through the wads of tissue paper, until I found the smallest ornament in the box. It was the size of a walnut… that’s cause it was a walnut. The empty walnut cradle hangs now on our 2 foot tall fake tree… and everything is just right.

Jesus is the reason for the season and I just can’t separate the two of them. Jesus is Christmas. I suppose I’ll take the Walnut and it’s occupant with me when we travel on Christmas Eve, mom says Grandma and Grandpa shouldn’t mind to much… it’s just one extra ornament. Well to them it is… to me… it’s Christmas in a Nutshell.

((BTW: This time, I DO mean to sound poetic.))


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