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Love is…

Love is: Forcibly defrosting a Freezer (with butter knives!!!) at 2am, when you both have to be someplace in the morning.


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Jake Gave me a Rhinovirus…

I’ve named him Steve. Jake bought him for me in FAO Schwartz while we were in New York City on Saturday seeing the Producers… which, by the way, was absolutely spec-freaking-tacular. FAO was pretty damn nifty too… they had stuffed animals there that cost thousands of dollars, and we saw some employees re-enacting the piano playing trick from “Big” on their giant piano, and the fellow who checked us out when we bought Steve let Jake swing this 150 Dollar polycarbonate Light Saber… he had out. (I’ve since seen the same saber for $99 in Borders books.) With every floor employee demonstrating walking around with a toy (or zipping down aisles on a bizarre skateboard thing…) I think working there would have been a LOT more fun than working at the TRU.

Today I debut an Icon Featuring Steve the Rhinovirus… and an obscurely related Eddie Izzard Quote. (There’s another new icon on deck I’ll use next time I have a theater related post too…)

Anyhow… the Producers. I’ve never actually seen the movie… but Jake tells me the Musical Diverged in some places while still maintaining the intent, and that Mel Brooks spirit. The play was funny and rather a spectacle of quick changes and unexpected sets and things. A few meta statements in the play just made it all the more funny. All in all I think the buss trip went quite well. We had dinner afterward at a restaurant where I had Calamaris which were quite yummy, and walked to Central Park to sit on a really big rock and watch the sun set over a city skyline, and an opaque pond.

Then we walked back to the buss and fell asleep on the way back… Twas all in all a great weekend…


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Graduation! And 3 Months Loffly…

So I had my graduation ceremony today… first I couldn’t find the humanities section to line up… alot of us couldn’t. We all ran around yelling “WHERE IS THE HUMANITIES!!!” Then it got borring, we got rained on… the guy next to me was the first person to yell BINGO at buzzword bingo, got my empty folder with the paper that says “Psche! See the Registrar!!!” Cause of course I’m still 4 credits short… then they didn’t even sing All We’ve Learned at Rensselaer which is totally the best part of RPI graduations. Then Macarino Grill for food, then home for many cards and cute cousins all over…(There’s just two of them… but they were EVERYPLACE.)

Also, and quite equaly important, is that today is exactly 3 months since a Jake and my first date. (Is that grammatically correct?) Happy 3 Months Dearie… sorry it got overshadowwed by my graduation. Thanks for coming and sitting in the rain, sick and all. Aishiteru!


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It’s a Small World After All…

Remember The Day of the Doorknobs? (If you don’t… I suggest you read it before moving onward…)

Well… it’s a very small world as it turns out… because as it turns out, I’m now dating one of the blokes responsible for the Wall-O-Directories. (He’s in le piccy on tha left, with the black hat.) *Higgles and Huggles Him.* Twas nice and peculiar when we figured that one out… days ago actually, it’s just taken me that long to journal about it… ok so I’m slow… I’ve been really really busy.

I haff le Clever Boyfriend.

Also it’s chilly in the office, there’s less than two weeks till my Capstone show and the opening of Titanic and neither are nearly ready for people to see and my fishtank is starting to grow stuff… I really should empty it. No one lives there anymore.

Right then…. I’m sposed to be working… *Goes back to work.*


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Well I’m back from Philly. Still no web in my house because I haevn’t got the passkey for the wireless yet, but yesh… I’ll get on that soon. Now is not time for that… now is time for filling you in on my Trip to Philly.

The car ride down was rather uneventful. We spent the night in Connecticut on the way there and took a brief detour to Delaware. (“We’re trying to get to Philadelphia.” “You’re in Delaware.”) At GF’s house we basically chilled out most of the time. Hung out with her friend for a bit… visited her school… went to the fair and all that. We went to South Street on Wendsday… I think it was Wendsday, and poked around in the shops down there. Took the train back because her mom sort of flaked on the ride home… which is a crap time to flake… you flake on the ride THERE… so people don’t get stranded in places. Duh.

Thursday her family moved… and I became a mover… a comparatively useless mover. I couldn’t carry half the things they needed moved but yeah… I tried my best and I moved a lot of the smaller stuff, and when it comes down to it a lot of moving is random tedium anyhow.

Friday we chilled at GF’s Granddads, and Saturday we came back… I went home… she moved back into the dorms. She came over to the office earlier to give them her Passport and get on the payroll and all that jazz. Yesh… that’s all.


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