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This has got to quit happening…

So… I’m laid off again. Happened on Thursday, but I’ve kind of been moping and loafing around since, so yeah… I actually got the heads up that it might be happening last Friday right before Genericon, which contributed heavily to my lack of desire to go to Karaoke, but they said there was a possibility it wouldn’t happen… and I tried to hope.

Once again they say they want me back as soon as they have work for me, and this time, seeing as how they’ve had me back before, I believe them, but it’s still fairly depressing getting laid off again, especially just now, where, what with MayoWare running, I had a little fun money for buying myself fun things like Evangelion nodes, and maybe a Ball Jointed Doll… that’s all scrapped now. None of that while unemployed, and no Sushi either unless someone else is footing the bill. I don’t know what I’ll miss more this time… Sushi, or shopping for myself. I’d never really done much of that before, but I think I was getting used to it.

I keep window shopping anyhow over at the Fairyland site, anyway tho. I’m not sure what it is about these Ball Jointed Dolls. I never window shop when I don’t have money, but here I am doing super huge amounts of research on the things. Fairyland makes the Littlefee I saw at the con. The LittleFee and PukiFee are so cute… not sure which one I want. I think PukiPuki is too small. That’s Kelly doll sized.

I’ll be looking for another job, of course, since I can’t count on them ever getting work for me again, but stupid as it sounds, I love working for them so much that I really hope they’ll be calling me back soon!!!


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New Cube!!!

I got moved upstairs to a Shiney New Cube!!!

I’ll have to post up pictures later, but what with my teammates getting hired on permanent they got their own offices, and my remaining co-contractor and I, after a nervous wait downstairs, have finally gotten to move upstairs along with them!

Given I was laid off around this time last year, I was getting nervous there, but if I make it thru to January I’m thinking it will all be solid enough I can go ahead and buy myself a new computer. I’ve been needing one for a while, and I’ve been thinking about making the jump to Mac. I’m thinking one of those shiny metal Macbook Pros. I hardly ever buy myself anything nice… but ever since I opened MayoWare, it’s a little easier for me to spend without feeling like a schmuck.

Oh! Also there’s a New LARP starting soon that I’m super excited about. It’s another Vampire one, run by the fellow who did the Utica one I played a Ventrue Ghoul at. Only this time it’s the Dark Ages, and I get to be a Gangrel!!! I’m super excited. My friend Frannie from last year’s Genericon is going to own my Gangrel as an indentured servant for the first year, so that should be interesting.

Oh golly… Genericon is coming up soon!!! I’d better get a costume in the works!!!


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Delmartians, Transform and Roll Out!!!

I was thinking about this this morning, in my car on the way to work. I wake up every morning, and before I’m even at my desk, due to the geography around my office, I’m already surrounded by my co-workers in their cars, and there’s something special about that feeling. I’m not commuting alone, I’m already with the other Delmartians.

At the last light, on the corner of the office, you can tell for sure who’s going to Delmar Cengage, because they change their directional based on the light. We go straight thru if it’s green, but if the light turns red, suddenly everyone’s going right on red. Damned if we’re going to wait when both directions have entrances to the lot… and once in the lot, you pull up and into a parking spot right next to the guy who was in front of you at the light, and join the trek across the lot. It’s not that far, but far enough to give one the enjoyable sense of being part of a mass of people with a similar goal, and a similar destination. The bike and scooter-commuters, of whom we have several, zip in after the cars, but overtake the people on foot on the cross-lot trek, rolling into the lobby, and into the elevators.

I take the stairs, over the fountain that in all the years I’ve worked or interned here, has never actually worked, say good morning to reception, open the door for the person behind me, or catch it off the person in front of me, head left down the hall, swing wide past the koi pond, and say good morning to the fishes. Then, if it’s sunny, cut past the open stairwell to the third floor, with it’s skylight streaming down light, and around into my cube field, where my team-mates are and all the members of all the other teams are milling around at their cubes, hitting up the kitchen for a morning coffee, greeting one another.

We all roll in together in the morning, and we all roll out together at night. Together.


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This is also home…

When I was laid off, the single most common way I expressed my sadness at loosing this job was, “I miss my cube,” and I really did. There’s something to be said for enjoyment of one’s personal workspace.

I was told, years ago at my first job, (in a small company of course,) that working at a large company was horrible, and I would never make it there, because in a large company everyone’s expendable and anyone the slightest bit different than the exact cube lemming norm will be simply fired. That’s not really the case… having a real face didn’t save me from being let go from the small company. And while here at big company, only the closest people I work with have a face to go with a name, that works out just fine for me. When they don’t have a face to go with the name on the e-mail, and they aren’t in your cube over your shoulder, all the big company cares about is whether or not you do good work, and I [i]do[/i] do good work.

Everyone here is allowed to be an individual. As I walk around the building here, I pass other cubes, and offices, almost all of them stuffed to the gills with things that make them “home” to their occupant. One office has paper stars hanging from the ceiling tiles with bent paperclips, and four different graphic calenders. Another has more plants than a greenhouse. Many are full to brimming with family photos, little figurines and stuffed animals. It’s encouraged that one “move in” to one’s space…

During the time I spent unemployed, I kept a box by my bedside. I’ve had it since I first started working at Delmar. At first we didn’t have cubes, or even desks. We had tables in a lab, so I used this box as my drawer space. Later, when I got my very own cube, it was relegated to snack-food container, with all work materials going into my drawers, and files and sundry organizers which are attached to my cube walls. But when I was laid off, it became the repository for all the things that make my cube, my cube. My sticky note dispenser, my picture holders, my little zen garden, etc. All the things my cube was stuffed with, lived in the box, because they only belong in my workspace, not sitting out at my apartment.

This is also “home,” and I guess that’s why, this is home too, and I missed it terribly when I was gone.


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I just got un-laid off!

I didn’t want to say anything about it till I was absolutely sure about it, but I’m once again employed to work in mah cube at Delmar Cengage Learning! Same cube, same phone number, same e-mail same everything, except my computer which was taken back by IT, and a new one proffered upon my return.

It’s eerily as if I never left at all, and I have to say I’m just pleased as punch to be back working for them. I love it here!


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