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Frickin Freezing…

I think something’s wrong with the heat in the Quad… just a theory.

I couldn’t get any hot water for my shower, so I had to take a cold one… and my hot air unit is just blowing around cold air. I’m not sure how the two are connected… perhaps the heater utilizes hot water in some capacity… but… it’s getting progressivily colder in here. *Twitch.* I do hope the situation rectifies itself soon.


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Shut up, Shut UP, SHUT UP!!!

Gawd. The guy across the hall with the super sound system has decided that it might be a good idea to play foreign language hip hop at 8:30 in the AM on a Saturday. Asshole. In the bright side ABC Family is having a practical Marathon of Power Rangers SPD. Oh shut up. Yes I’m watching Power Rangers. It’s FUN.

I’m also memorizing my lines for the play, because I actually haven’t had time to even try to do that yet. I’m actually off book on the bits with short lines, except the Old Lady Scene where I’m half out of my mind most of the time so that makes it a little hard to remember my lines *Higgles.* I’ve gotta know those ones extra good, cause I’m playing senile, and kinda making myself dumb in the process. And I’ve got my longest line in that scene, which is hella repetitive. It’s like “Thank you, Thanks for having me, Thank you, I had a great time, thank you…” So on and so forth.

Saw Harry Potter 4 last night… don’t worry… no spoilers. Some pronunciation stuff I found to be a bit interesting Beaubaxtons is pronounced “Bow-Battons” and Accio is “Ack-ee-oh” which I never would have guessed.


But yesh… the arsehole across the hall has his speakers up on full volume ALL THE TIME. I can hear his AIM blips and some crazy chimes that mean lord only knows what.
For a period of time I thought I was having auditory hallucinations because the sounds were so loud I thought they were coming from somewhere in my room. Meh…

I want to trash his Speakers Now.


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Home Again…

Well… yesh, I’m home again. Home at school. I don’t know why I’ve come to consider it more home than home… it’s… I guess it’s MY home, and Clifton Park Home, is my parents house. I make the rules here. I was locked out somewhat… but yesh… that is all taken care of. There are several backdated entries I’ll be posting up in just a minute from the Thanksgving Break, so I’mana keep this short.


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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Don’t worry I’m not parting with the Blog. Just my room. *Sighs.* I’m heading back home for the summer, again, so let me catagorize what will and will not miss.

I WILL miss:
~Cable TV in the Same Room as my Bed.
~Fridge within reach of my bed.
~No one waking me in the Morning.
~Eating in Bed.
~Anthony and Sara.
~And the General Lack of Nagging.

I will NOT Miss:
~The Tiny Cubicle Shower.
~My Smelly Neighbor.
~Anthony’s Loud at 2am Freinds.
~Putting the Seat Down.
~Questionable Carpetstains.



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C – 17 Days…

17 days till I start moving all my stuff back to my college dorm… well… not BACK to my college dorm, since it’s a different dorm this time than it was last time… but I can squat the one I’ve got now forever if I like it *Grins.*

I went to the Spencers gifts the other day and got this realy nifty wall mounting black light… so I shouldn’t have to recharge my glow i the darks nearly so much anymore… and as a side efect it might make my lava lamp look pretty nifty…

D-20 till when I stop working at the TRU… and like D-22 till my last day at the Switchboard… it’ll be interesting those last two days or so… working at the switchboard while living on campus… *Grins.* Such ODDNESS….

And before I go I still have to pack, and clean my room before I can go and I want to take some pictures for the “These are a few of my favorite Things” part of the Mayo, so I need to use my fathers camera before I go, cause I haven’t got one of my own… and I’m also going on vacation from the 6th to the 11th… which shoul dbe cool… except tha tI’ll loose my internet connections… that’s ok I can work on the Fics Offline, and I can Draw… and then I can forget all about the Mayo and relax for a couple of days before I have to go back to school!!!! *Grins.*

So it’s College – 17 days…. Wow. *Grins.*

Meantime the State of New York has banned Smoking in all workplaces, meaning that the bowling alley is now smoke free… and that rocks.

Me and my Best Freind from HS went bowling yesterday… I sucked… as usual… *Grins.*

And Tomorow I have a BUSY day!


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