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Another Weird Dream

Something seriously bizarre is going on in my head.

I had this dream, and it started off I was back in High School because I needed one more class to graduate, but for some reason I had signed up for two different math classes. One of them was teaching math as relates to the musical theater, and the other was complete gobbledygook. The latter was being taught by my ex-boss, who was every bit as ornery with me as he always was when I worked for him, and I hadn’t done my homework. Also my desk was filled with a bunch of books and stuffed animals that weren’t mine…

In the musical theater related math class, a girl from high school, who by all rights was two years ahead of me was in my class, and for some reason was the only one in the class that the teacher would recognize as a performer. I tried to tell her I was an actor, and she asked me if I was an actor, what poses I knew. I told her I was an actor, not a model. I don’t know any poses, and she basically brushed me off and went back to gushing over the other girl.

So next thing I know I’m in the cafeteria where I’m being harassed by the lunch ladies for not knowing what I want to eat for lunch, except I was first in line and I’m still reading the menu over their heads so give me a break.

Then I’m back in the first math class, trying to fit all my papers into my binder, and they don’t fit, and there’s nothing to be done about it, and I’m thinking WHY am I even taking this class. Math isn’t required the last two years of High School so it’s certainly not required in your fifth year, and I still can’t find my homework.

You know how dreams kinda jump? Mine did…

So then I was in an apartment. In my dream it was my apartment, but it’s different to the one I live in because it had two bathrooms and two cat boxes… and I didn’t remember ever buying the second catbox, in the living room near the entrance to the second bathroom (which in the dream didn’t seem odd, the bathroom I mean, it had always been there in the dream it was just the extra cat box that was odd.) For some reason the catbox was over flowing with cat pee, and had no litter. So I used a giant ladle to start ladling it into the toilet, and when there was less of it, moved it into the bathroom and kept ladling, but I was getting cat pee everyplace, and the bathroom I was using to clean it, was itself disgusting.

Then I was trying to clean the one from the hall closet in my actual bathroom but realized partway thru that I was using the kitchen sponge and that I had placed the sponge in the bucket of cleaning crystals (I don’t know… it was a dream, they were like the powdered dish washing detergent) and gotten them all soppy and ruined them and my roommate wanted to use the sink while I was in there but couldn’t remember why, so she just stood there in my way until…

Suddenly I’m outside in the snow, walking from my parents house to the top of the neighborhood. because that’s where my father parked the car and my mom is yelling at him for being an idiot parking the car there, and I’m confused because they aren’t my parents they’re Peter and Gillian Grey from Judging Amy. And we all get to the car and get in and they all start yelling at me because they had to do this to drive me where I need to go, except I remind them that I HAVE a car and it’s down at their house, and I could very well have driven there myself, but they wouldn’t listen and why is the car parked at the top of the neighborhood anyhow?

And that’s when the alarm clock went off thank goodness… but I feel exhausted.


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Dream a Little Dream…

Lately I’ve been remembering my dreams an awful lot more than usual…

Tuesday night I drempt that I rode a bike from Clifton Park to Troy, along the shoulder of the Northway, and then coasting down the shoulder of Alt7 to meet Jake and some of his friends I’d never met before at Amos Eaton Hall… which of course looked nothing like Amos Eton Hall inside… it had a straw floor and many levels of wooden loft and sort of belonged in Twilight Princess, which is probably why I never died falling off anything trying to get up it… then I got tired and I wanted to go home, and Jake said something extremely inconsiderate which I don’t recal what was but I became rather miffed at him, and forwent the ride he was supposed to give me home, and decided to bike home… uphill on Alternate 7. My wheels kept slipping and I never got anyplace at it. Then I woke up.

Wednesday night, I drempt that Jake and I were in the Amazing Race. I don’t even WATCH the Amazing Race. Much. Ok,I watched part of the Family Season, because I wanted to see the Weavers get their comeuppance for being such hypocrites. Anyhow… we were at the starting line when we realized that maybe we put too much stuff in my pack. Or not enough, so… and this is bizzare, we went over to my mother’s Car and started switching around what was in my bag with some stuff untill we were plased with the results… then we had to run to the car we were taking to the airport on the first leg… I don’t even know where we were going to fly… the pack was too heavy and I couldn’t run fast enough and the car was always further and further away. We never did get to the Car. Then I woke up.

So… last night, I drempt that I was walking with my Family in NYC. It started out as a recurring dream I have about passing a shop with colorful wigs and wanting to go in and try some on, and depending on whether I’m stressed out in life or not, I either can’t find a wig I like, or can’t fit any of them on my head (stressed) or have a bunch of fun prancing about the store in wigs (not stressed.) This time tho, we didn’t go in because there was a parade happening. We met up with a family that had a toddler, and a couple of players, including Jake, at one of those white topped pop up pavilion tents, where there was an ice cream cart. The family left the Toddler unattended and he came over to me, so I picked him up so he could see, and we watched the parade. It was consisted of a bunch of people wearing inflatable kiddie pools and balloons, both round and long, imitating sea life, including a very colorful balloon jellyfish with an upside down kiddie pool for a bell. The parade ended, but then another one started where they were balloon animals from the jungle, and the sky was orange… and then I woke up.

Now I get the symbolism with the bike that never went anyplace and the running toward a parked car that’s always further away… But what the hell was up with the balloon sea creatures?


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Last night I dreamed my family moved to Brazil. Well… not my whole family, just my parents and I. I distinctly remember Ricky was left behind to look after my parents house, which they rented out to some folks with all their stuff still in it… we went to Brazil with just he clothes on our backs, mom’s pocketbook and my black bag… and we got there by hitchiking from the Mexican border. It was not pleasant… I didn’t really want to be going, and they said I could have stayed, but I didn’t want to be that far from them… and I knew I could go back when I wanted because Rachel was still paying rent on our apartment, and looking after Trixie, and everything of mine was there, even my new furniture, which I haven’t bought yet that costs an arm and a leg… I tried to convince myself I could stay at least long enough to help them settle in in Brazil, and it would be a chance to improve my Spanish, (yes I know they speak Portugeese, but it was a dream and in my dream they spoke spanish…) and calmed down a bit… but it time jumped, as dreams do, during the car trip, so we arrived in Brazil long before I woke up and had to search thru this awful city building to try and fnd customs so we could get our papers checked and be legal in Brazil. My parents seemed to belive they couldn’t stay in the US right now because it wasn’t safe for them, but it was perfectly safe for my brother and I… I don’t know why. We never got out of that building because there were all these regulations and my father didn’t know where we were going to live and then I realized I just wanted to go home, and I kept asking him, in English and Spanish to please just get me home because I’d left all my stuff behind and I didn’t like it in Brazil… and I was totally freaking out and of course that’s when I woke up. I t was 6:30 in the morning… I tried to go back to sleep but I just wound up back in Brazil, which became Argentina, because I’d realized while I was awake that they don’t speak Spanish in Brazil… so… yeah.

I think it’s about the furniture… knowing it’s not something I can move any long distance and it’s gonna cost me… It’s got my head all tied in knots and it’s making it hard to work. Oh, and I’m definitively not moving to Brazil tho… or Argentina.


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“Life… is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable, because all you get back is another box of chocolates. You’re stuck with this undefinable whipped-mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there’s nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while, there’s a peanut butter cup, or an English toffee. But they’re gone too fast, the taste is fleeting. So you end up with nothing but broken bits, filled with hardened jelly and teeth-crunching nuts, and if you’re desperate enough to eat those, all you’ve got left is a… is an empty box… filled with useless, brown paper wrappers.” – CSM ‘The X-Files’

Some people think that’s depressing… personally I think it’s insightful…. The key to life then… is not to eat all the peanut butter cups at once… to save them and stretch them out in between the jelly and nuts… and enjoy them all.

I should mention that I’m writing this in my animation survey class… taught by a Dr. Phil look alike from the music department. Some people are taking notes, but there’s really no point, since he’s not telling me anything I don’t already know… it’s only the first day though so there’s hope… it will pick up eventually. I don’t want to risk writing fiction in here though in case one of the other students is reading over my shoulder… the room’s full of EMaC Majors, and I don’t want my idea’s stolen, consciously or not.

Ok, catching up… over the weekend I did a re-image of my entire computer, and I lost all my RPI webmail because idiot Marisa didn’t back up her Outlook files. Yeah Outlook. Don’t look at me like that. I’ve been so busy you’re lucky I’m blogging at all.

The other night, Friday night, when I was home… I had a dream where my mother promised some friend of hers that I would help her break into her sons locker at my old high school. I was supposed to carry the knapsack with all the equipment… but the only damn thing in the fracking knapsack was 3 sets of box cutters. I tried to tell them I didn’t think it was smart to bring them you can’t get into Shen lockers with bolt cutters because the locks are built in and even id you could we wouldn’t need 3 pairs. So she sent me to my room, to bed, at 4 in the afternoon… and I went. Dreams are bizarre but this has to be the strangest one I’ve had since the one where my best friend from elementary school tried to get me to help her steal a plastic pool from the Toys R Us.

Let’s see… what else… Hi Mom!!! Yes… in case you are reading… so I’ve been quite busy with classes started up again and rehearsals for “Trevor” and getting my costume ready for Genericon this weekend. Yes, I’ll blog about that again too. And I’ll post pictures of my cosplay outfit too. Mom and I worked all weekend on it last weekends. It came out quite tell. I put the finishing touches on it Saturday. That’s what I was doing sleeping at home Friday night.

“Trevor” seems to be doing ok, but we have some major cast changes. Two people have quit thus far. The girl who plays my daughter, the lesbian (the character, not the actress) says if I quit too she’ll kill me. That’s ok though, as I don’t plan to quit. I do need to study my lines more though as I still carry my script about. Mostly as a security thing I think, but I won’t know till I try to go without it but I’m scared to cause I’ve never had this many lines before.

Classes are going well, but no one wants to hear about that, so… moving on… I need to clean my room on Wendsday for Rachel to come over on Friday, because I won’t have time on Thursday, with all the class and stuff. I do hope my leggings arrive in time for the Con because mom and I put so much time into that tunic jacket that if I can’t wear it it will be very sad.

*New Sheet of Loose Leaf.*

So yes… Genericon… and “Trevor” and Classes.

The professor just tried to explain a feminist viewpoint and fell, in my opinion, flat on his face. He may look like Doctor Phil, but he’s a crap psychologist… then, so is Doctor Phil. There’s a Damn awful lot of scope’s in animation… and as a note… it seems that animation exists out of the desire for porn, sad as it sounds.

Right then… I’ve run out of interesting things to say… so I’m gonna sign off here with the promise of Genericon Photos in the near future.



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Oh Boy!

Get it? It’s LEAP year… “Oh Boy!”? Sam Becket? Oh come on… *Sighs.*

It’s Quantum Leap.

I remember I used to love watching this show with my father when I was little… loved it, especially when Sam Jumped into a woman… that was always fun…

I suppose the other special thing that happened today, is that I actualy have blogged two days in a row, without back blogging at all (like I did for Genericon) or it being a holiday vacation… when I gots nothing better to do…

*Toddles about.*

Last night I dreampt something strange, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was… I knew what it was this morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom, but that’s over 4 hours ago… so ite seems I’ve forgoten…


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