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December Drivers…

Dear December Drivers,

Just because it is December, doesn’t mean you whackados can go about driving however you please. I get it… you have shopping to be done. That’s lovely… but the following things you should please, keep in mind.

  • If you are making a right on red, you should not be cutting off people going straight… but more than that you should ABSOLUTELY not be cutting off people going straight in the LEFT LANE. Right on Red puts you in the right lane only. Never the left. Cut it out.
  • Make your left hand turns wide enough, and look out for divided roads. I’ve been nose to nose at a red light with too many people these past few weeks who have taken their left, too tight and wound up on the wrong side of the dividing barrier, driving at me head on, and looking at me like I’m the moron when I lay on the horn to point out that, hi, I’m here. And I’m the one pointed the right way.
  • And do me one last favor. Learn how to operate stop signs. Firstly, be aware of three way stops. Sometimes one road doesn’t have a stop sign. They are not cutting you off… it’s a three way stop. Secondly, just because someone is going left, doesn’t mean you get to go first. You only get to go first if someone else got there at the same time as you and they’re going left. If they’re already stopped when you pull up… they get to go before you.

Thank you,
Your Fellow Drivers

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That’s a Monkey Wrench…

I was gonna mention this last night… but then it occurred to me I should wait and see first whether or not I’d killed V. *Higgles.*

Allow me to brag a little bit because I’ve quite recently done something that most people, my parents included, have no idea I can do. It’s nothing big… if a man told you he could do this, you’d probably answer “Yes… and?” I’d never actually done it before yesterday, but when the situation arose I knew, I knew how to do it, so I took charge in an interesting situation… and when codev2k got a flat. I changed her tire.

I had to check her users manual to see where to put the jack (I didn’t want to risk cracking something non-structural) and admittedly I did waste between 5 and 10 minutes in the rain twisting the fake lug nuts on her hubcaps and wondering why the hell they twisted so easily but wouldn’t come off.

“Dude V… these lug nuts are really loose…”

“Maybe if you use pliers?” *V has little plastic bag with cute small chrome tools.*

“Pliers won’t help.”

“Well what about this nut thing?”

“That’s a Monkey Wrench.”

. . . 5 minutes later . . .

“These are so loose… they should be off… what the hell, gimme the monkey wrench…. No… that doesn’t help. It was worth a try… this is ridiculous…”

But then eventual this theory that the hubcap might be the snap on sort… and just gave a little tug near the rim and it popped right off, and underneath the nice grey-matte looking fake lug nuts were the grimy shiny greasy REAL lug nuts holding the wheel on. After that I’m proud to say I didn’t make any more stupid idiot mistakes. There was some question of which side of the donuts was meant to be out… and I had to use the old perpendicular tire iron and foot trick to dislodge the lug nuts, and tighten them back on once the donuts was on… made me a little nervous that I might not have had enough weight to tighten them on there but she made it to Sears in one piece, so I feel better now.

It’s ridiculous how accomplished I feel… like the time I helped Ryan (not players Ryan, but chemistry lab partner Ryan) put together his loft Freshman Year and had my end together before he could figure out how to operate a U-Bolt (and then he dropped the bed frame on me while we were putting it in… which is a whole other story.)

It’s proof positive that while I’m petrified I’m going to kill myself with power tools, if it can be done with a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench or now a tire iron… I can get it done.


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Spring Break: All the Crazies Come Out to Play…

Staying in Troy over spring break, cause I’d never get nothing done if I went home… and besides, I can visit whenever I want. Now, there’s alot of people gone from Troy right now… parking on Sage is great (watch, I’ve just jynxed that,) but it seems today, all the crazies have come out to play… and not in a good way either. They’re all driving deadly weapons.

Some wingnut in a great big gold mini van gets up behind me on 15th Street today, tailgates me down the road, and then, if you please, decides I’m not making my left hand turn fast enough, and starts honking at me from behind. Excuse me. There’s oncoming traffic and I’d rather not be t-boned by it. I’m late for work as it is.

Then on the Northway (that’s 87 to ya non-locals) some old junker weaves in and out of traffic, and then plops itself right in front of me, where there was really not enough space for another car, and decelerates. I’m just glad there was no one tailgating me or we’d have collided when I slowed to avoid crashing into the back end of the nutjob. If you’re going to weave in and out of traffic like a madman, at least have the decency not to cut in to a lane to the LEFT of you and hit your breaks.

Then, on 146 (in Clifton Park by then,) making a right into work… there’s a green arrow left in the oncomming traffic, and we have a red… so the guy in front of me sneaks in a right on red and I’m at the head of the line, but theirs a steady stream of cars comming from the green left arrow in the other direction… moron lady on a cell phone apparently doesn’t realize I’m making a right, and comes up on the right of me, cutting me off when I finaly get the chance to go. What on earth made her think it was a bright idea to try and pass me on the right when I’ve got my right hand turn signal on?

All the crazies in their cars. *Sighs.*


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Cape Chaos… (Cause Entropy ish our FREIND!!!)



Well vacation all in all was… short… but fun! *Dances.* I brought home some new marbles for my jar, and got a pair of nifty CD cases, finished watching Esca for the 3rd time, and watched all of Evangelion for the 4th time… and just generally had fun… here’s the run down:

Wendsday: Mom drove me to work in the Van, since the Civic had a Flat (See last Entry) and then my father picked me up in the Civic, with it’s new set of front tires and let me drive that home… then we all piled into the Van and set off for Cape Cod… the car ride was the susal, a little over 4 hours and I killed time listening to “P!NK,” “Cake” and “Weird Al,” CDs on my walkman, and then writing Fan Fic on my laptop, and then, when it was to dark to look at the white screen without wincing, listening to Eddie Izzard Sketches on my laptop and trying not to laugh out loud, and bother the driver… We ate MCDonalds for supper on the way, ( Between Fan Fic and Eddie Izzard, and I turned off my laptop then, cause it’s a 4 hour drive and I’ve only got 2.5 hours of battery) and barely had time to unpack and crash land in the beds at the Cape House.

Thursday: Well given the previous days escapades, we overslept, and then thought we might squish out a day at the beach anyway… got into bathing suits (Explained to my mother that shortie bottom bathing suits are SUPPOSED to fit like a glove, otherwise people can see up the legs,) piled in the car, and stopped at “The Mercantile” for sandwiches… and on the way back out to the car it started to rain, so we went home and ate the sandwiches there, and then went Kayaking in on and off Sprinkles. Of course we went toward the Nantucket sound cause there’s nothing more fun than paddling out into it and then riding a wave back to shore… well there is… but not when you are kayaking… you just have to be sure that the tide is coming IN when you go down there. Then we had supper at the Hearth and Kettle, where we did NOT get to sit near the Ducks, and they were NOT serving my favorite Dish (Fried Clam Strips) and they were OUT of Key Lime Pie… Wonderful.

Friday: Got up EARLY to go to the beach, skipped the sandwiches and spent all morning on the beach basking in the sun and reading, except when we went into the water just long enough to make me into a Maris-icle and then go back up on the beach to thaw. Then we Went home, washed up, dropped my brother home, and then went out to see “Bend it Like Beckham.” For supper we went to Clancy’s, where we got a table by the window, and I ordered the Clams, and had Key Lime Pie for desert… at least that’s what the MENU called it… tasted more like lemon meringue to me. Sommat was NOT right about that pie.

Saturday: Slept in, and then got up to a wonderfully rainy day… laid around for a good long while watching Escaflowne, and then when I ran out of that… Evangelion… and then went candlepin bowling… (I won the first game, my father won the second,) came home and had a swordfish dinner cooked by my grandfather (did I mention my grandparents were already AT their Cape house? It is their house… oh and I had flounder in the microwave cause I HATE SWORDFISH,) then baby sat the dog while my grandparents when to church and then to see a play, and my parents rushed my brother to the emergency room after he cut himself badly on a can of dog food. (Watched More Eva.) Then they came home and we played the Shortest Game of Space Station Zemo, EVER PLAYED… my father won in about half an hour, and I went back to watching Eva…

Sunday: Got up, went to church… came home…. Changed into shorts…. Watched a lot more Eva… laid around…. Eva… Eva… Eva… Had Take out Clam Chowder for Supper…. Then watched “Secret Agent Cody Banks,” Went out to Smugglers for Ice Cream… and Came home and Crashed…

Monday: Got up, laid around a bit, watched HGTV with my grandfolks, then went out to the Brewster country store for candy and MARBLES… Then went to the “Red Cottage Inn” for lunch (But wound up eating breakfast again…) went back to the Cape House Packed our Bags and hopped in the Car…

In Fact… as I’m writing this… It’s Still Monday… I’ll probably back date it when I post it… I’m in the car, on the Massachusetts Turnpike, headed West… back to New York…

My only regrets were that it was so short… and that I never got a decent slice of Key Lime Pie.


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Driving Miss Mayo


It’s official!!! According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles… I am now Driving Miss Mayo!!!


I drove to Work!!!

It were FUN… *Grins.*


In sadder news it appears that in addition to attending a Christaning this Sunday, for my baby Cousing Christain… I will allso be attending a Funeral on Saturday, for a Relitive, (my mom’s cousin) who has recently died of a Brain Tumor.

I only met him when I was fairly young… 8 or 9ish, and while I tend not to remember the people I met at that age, especialy at a gathering as large as that was, (Family Reunion) I do remember him, because he climbed up on a Picknick table and Lead a Crowd of Reletives (Probably mostly the kids… I don’t realy remember who else was about at that point,) in an Exciting Rendition of the Classic song/chant/game “Hello: My name is Joe,” or “The Button Factory.”

((This Chant/Song/Game, in case you didn’t know consists of the folowing words: “Hello, my name is Joe, and I work in a Button Factory. I have a wife and a Dog and a Family. One day, my boss says: ‘Are you Bussy?’ I said: ‘No.’ He said then Push this button with your (Insert body part here.)” It’s usualy the hands first, then the feet, and then odd parts like hips or butts, or your tounge, and you have to continualy mime pushing the buttons with your body as you repeat that chant/song, over and over, adding a new buton each time, until you finaly have to give up and answar ‘Yes’ To your Boss))

Anyhow… that’s like, the only thing I remember from that family reunion… and he died…. so that’s sad…

But I can drive, so that’s happy…

Now I’m confused.


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