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I fail at Blogging… really I do… ok… sooooooooo….

I want to take a moment to shamelessly plug some of the stuff that’s been keeping me away from blogging by keeping me sooooo damn busy.

First of all, NEW APARTMENT!!! I’ve moved across town and am no longer living with my former roomate, who’s moved closer to her job, but have a one bedroom garden level across town. That took up the last week of September and a lot of the beginning of October, because aaaaaagh… moving!

Speaking of the beginning of October, I’d like to put in a few lines of silence for Eugene Kosarovich who passed away October 4th. There was a lot made of it on Facebook, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet.

Ok… on a similar note, Not So Common Player’s “Clue the Musical” was terrific when I saw it on Friday. You guys were great! Jon, you did a great job stepping into your role so late in the production.

Also I’ve been working on RPI Player’s “The Visit” as the Master Scenic Painter. What’s that you say? Who ever heard of Players having Master Scenic Painters? Well… this show just has that much paint. Players who read this, come to Work Parties Please. I did the forest drops mostly solo because their organic and need to be done all at once while wet and by one person to look natural, and also because the set isn’t ready for paint and the street scape drop still needs priming… but we’ve got a whole town set coming up these next two weeks to paint and once I rough in the overall design I want painters all over it like ants on a dropped Popsicle in July, painting in the different buildings Caleb and Liz have designed, both on the practical set and on the street scape drop.

And I’ve been ramping up to the impending end of Power Rangers RPM by roughing out an idea for a 26 vignette series about Doctor K called “Alphabet Soup,” which would of course, include Thanatos as chapter T.

Also I want to pimp the Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem LARP I’ve been playing, because they were absolutely terrific with the Masquerade Ball this weekend. I know I already thanked them on the forums, but you guys should know how awesome they are too, and if anyone’s interested in joining… please contact me and I’ll put you thru to them. (Disclaimer: Yes, they’re offering XP bonus to people who recruit others.)

And lastly… Erters who read here, just FYI, I bumped a bunch of the old EzBoard/Yuku forums while I was on today, so the archives on those ones are still active, but I think we lost a couple more of the old forums to inactivity… if you need a link to any of them let me know here or on the forums and I’ll point you there. If you have anything you care about you really should archive it because the ezBoards are expiring faster these days and I wouldn’t even have thought to check on them if the sort of a gripe community I’ve been posting on on Yuku for a few months now, hadn’t gone mega-downhill with the infighting lately. It turns out there’s not much left to read there after you put a few psychos on block.

And all of this reminds me that I don’t just fail at Blogging… I fail at Sims too… I haven’t done anything in the Sims Community in ages.


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Ok, Kay and I are working on getting ERT back up in it’s new hosting space. It’ll be at the same URL and all that, it’s just going to take a little for the DNS to process and all that… yes I’m back on staff… no I’m not doing plotly things again. You’ll note I have admins, but that is only ONLY for my job as Techie. I’m just the Tech.

Plz direct all inqiries to Kay.


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Wheee…. right then… another new icon… made sans tablet I’ll have you know! As I’ve lent that to Jake. It’s appropriate to the post tho which is even better. *Higgles.* Cause last time were an “Oh No!” style icon for a test that didn’t really evoke an “Oh No!” just cause I wanted to use the new icon. *Higgles more.*

OK… first off in the category of things that I’m really kind of pleased with… on Friday, just as I was on my way out the door to go see Jake in the Theater Slam… I got a call from my mum, who got a call from the Not so Common Players… because I put my summer phone on the sheet, and my cell on the resume and apparently they only had the sheet. Annnnnyhow…. I’ve been cast as Little Red Riding Hood in this summers production of “Into the Woods.” *Glee.* I did this show… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 5 years ago now, when I was a Jr. and got passed over for the same roll (it went to a Freshman) and it’s kind of made me all mushy and gleeful that I’ll finally get to play it. *Bounce Bounce Bounce.*

Secondly, Theater Slam were funay as all hell. Jake makes a really funny Philip Marlow… the Velma girl who’s name has slipped my mind was spot on with her impression thereof, Scooby and Shaggy evoked their characters terrifically, especially considering Pete looks nothing like a big brown great dane, Mike and Alex were hilariously inept as the mindlessly footprint following Hardy Boys, and Maggie as was a terrific foil for their moronically clue-obsessed Nancy Drew. Emily made a pretty darn good villain too, and the Millionar was delightfully lost. It was a laugh and a half and I’m delighted I went.

Eugine had my Dinning Room DVD… and now I do. *Grin.*

And Last Night at the final session of this semesters Dungeons and Dragons… it ended such that we all lived to tell the tale… and the way my Halfling Rouge/Cleric of Brandobaris is telling the story… she saved everyone when she pushed that big red button. *Higgles.* Except possibly Bacardi… but he had a history of trying to kill her anyhow.

*Bounces More.* Now if somone would just scrape my Half starved Half Elemental of the Cobblestones of Diagon… everything would be peachy…


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Happy New Year…

Hallo again all… hehehe… I haven’t much to say actually… but the Server is down… and by the server I mean THE SERVER that hosts EVERYTHING I hold dear to me. My site… all of Leena’s Sites… including IRT… Seersonline… everything… *Vries.* So yesh…

New Years was the same as it’s always been. I had a doctors appointment and the doc says there’s nothing to worry about with the lump in my eyelid. then I sat home and watched the LnO SVU Marathon on USA. *Grins.* And then we watched The Princes Diarys 2… my mom picked it out… it wasn’t half bad… almost made me want to get married. Almost. And then the Ball dropped and I watched a bit of New Years Rockin Eve, Realized it was hosed by Ashlee Simpson and promptly put the SVU Marathon back on. Stayed up till 4 watchin it.

Now then *Higgles.* We’re watching “Surviving Christmas” on TV… and it’s um… interesting… meh… I’m so bored… I need to do something but I can’t think of what, and after planing a couple of threads at IRT… it got the Wren in my head all depressed so maybe I’ll go write some wibbly Christmassy posts since we need to get there eventually. I can try my hand at writing Wren and Johny being all romantic, in their bizarre flirting like 4th graders (by injuring and insulting one another) way. She likes those posts.


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Well I’m dong spectacular with the blogging this year aren’t I? Bracket, Backslash ‘Sarcasim’ Bracket.

Bloody Blog.

I’ve been incredibly busy, so you’ll pardon me for my thingerness, and things… I got into the RPI players’ Production of “The Crucible” as a Shadow Person thinger, and so I’ve got things I’m doing… yes that’s right, I’m back in the theater. Of course that only makes sense to the people who know I essentially gave it up senior year of high school, at the very strong suggestion of my family, who didn’t think I could handle school and the theater at the same time and still get into RPI, (which is where they wanted me to come,) and then that I couldn’t handle RPI and do theater at the same time… and they’re adamant I’m never going to make a living at acting anyhow… well pooh on that. It’s driving me nuts not doing it these past 3 years… with the Playhouse right there reminding me of childhood dreams of being one of those egnigmatic and idolized people us YAG kids knew only as “The Players,” and maybe even getting into Alpha Psi Omega… hours spent pouring over those blocks on the wall (“Look but don’t touch!”) And so yeah… I’m terrible and awful and stuff… 3onJ’s been totally like, abandoned… But there’s good news… it’sa start again soon.

The Lighbulb blew on my desklamp. Bloody desklamp.

I’m starting to get irritated with the “TV: Characters” Category People at the Fanlishings.org. I applied for The “GROPOS” Fanlisting I want to make eons ago and then got an approval from the Episodes category people… but no approval or disapproval at all from the Characters Category… Then again the Characters Category also hasn’t gotten back to me on the Deputy Weigel Fanlisting I want to make… Apparently they are backed up. Oh Well I can wait… It’s just… I wanna Make my GROPOS LISTING.

I lost my keys. Bloody keys.

I was supposed to Write a Wandlore for Hogwarts IRT today at work, but I didn’t because I got a writing bug and churned out a full length Fan Fiction in one Sitting. I posted it up at the Fan Fic Forum.

My EEKK Listing E-mail Form is stuck. Bloody Form.

That’s that… if you read the updates on the Mainsite already… you can stop now…

Ok, so here’s what to expect: First off There will likely be a new layout the mainsite at some point in the next 6 months. That’s not saying much for some sites, but since I tend to stick with one for several years… that’s saying a bit. It will likely be like the latest one in that it won’t change much, except in the way it’s done. I’ll be converting to PHP I hope, and getting the font management off the HTML and into the CSS sheet. I’ll probably be doing the same thing to the Fan Fic Forum, and three on Juanita… but Sci-Fi Sims will stay Pure HTML, as will the Mayolistings Mainsite. The Mayolistings themselves are already PHP on account of my using PHP Fanbase.. I will switch Sci-Fi Sims font Management to CSS though *Nods.*

Three on Juanita is gong to start up again soon, probably before any of that PHP Stuff, but likely around the same time as I do the CSS, as I’ve just discovered the old storyboards for it, and it’s given me allot more ideas about how to get out of the slump in my storyline, and reminded me of some of the elements of humor that I meant to do and totally forgot about. So yesh…. That’s all.



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