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It’s that time of year again…



You’ll recall I blogged about these last summer. I can’t believe I only mentioned them in detail that once, but I suppose any further mention of them is redundant… I think some of you need to go back and check those commandments cause there have been some major violators as of late.

I’ve got this stack of Yellow Forms, and I’m going to be mailing them back to the idiots who sent them… I’m just trying to decide weather or no to include a copy of the 10 commandments of laptop forms.

They come in each day, and this year in addition to opening, stamping, alphabetizing and post card mailing, I also get to cross check and inter file them. That means I check a list printed out from the database that all the forms were entered into, against the original hard copies to make sure they are all in there and correct and things, and then I add the small alphabetized pile, to the large alphabetized file… it’s all very tedious, but thus far I have no paper cuts.

Mary’s on Vacation, so I’ve been playing my own music lately, which usually means Weird Al and Tom Leher in the morning, then Evanescence, which usually runs out around the same time till the mail comes… then Babylon 5 Sound track (which is all orchestral with no words) while I do the paperwork… and then a wildcard for the last half hour… usually depending on what sort of paperwork I have left at that point. I like my routine.


Hogwarts IRT is being loverly… Leena did a new layout, and it’s all PHPish, and there’s such cool things going on and yesh… it’s summer now, finally. I’ve been out of school for months now *Higgles.* I’ve been working, when I can get the time, on designing some… well I can’t say, but it requires me to get out my trusty #2 pencil and my sketch book, so it’s gonna be great.

Now… I have things to do!!! Yesh… ttyl!!!


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Zoobilee Zoo….

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
It’s as close as a dream,
And bright as the brightest blue!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!
I have just spent 2 hours of the time I meant to spend working on the Spellbook for IRT…. tracking that down. I was LOOKING for a Midi or MP3 of the bloody song. *Shrigs.*

Let’s introduce the Zooble’s to you:
I’m Mayor Ben, I’m here to lend a helping hand,
I’m Bill ‘der Beaver I can build things on command,
There’s daring and adventure when Lookout comes to call,
And a kangaroo named Wazzat, who puts music to it all!!!
Ahhhhh, My name is Van Gogh just coloring fun,
And you can shout for Bravo once the show has begun,
Everyone spread the news there’ll be, so much to see and do,
Just see Talkatoo, When you’re in Zoobilee Zoo!!!

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
So come on with us now,
And discover the wonder in you!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!!!

It’s strange the things that make me so happy… the other day I found the Theme to Quantum Leap and I nearly passed out with glee.

I think I may watch some Babylon 5 later *Nods.* Cause I am in serios need of another hit of nostalgic glee… this inability to find the Zoobilee zoo themesong is absolloutly crushing my spirit. Then Maybe I’ll Read one of my nice, crisp, all mine and not ruined by other people Hardcover Harry Potter books… Play with my marbles and my dice… My Playdough… *Sighs contentedly.* I luv my toys and my blankie and my mommy. *Sucks thumb.*

And probably cleam my room… which I keep saying I’m going to do but I never do *Higgles.* I’m such a weirdo… I have a Lava Lamp… I may have to turn it on after I clean my room… yesh…

But first… I think I’ll have some popcorn and get back on the spellbook yesh… spellbook… cause I’m HELPING!!!

*Smiles like a small child ‘helping’ mom and toddles away.*


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The buzzin’ of the bees,
In the bubblegum trees,
Near the soda water fountain!
At the lemonade springs,
Where the bluebird sings,
On the Big Rock Candy Mountain!!!

I went to the movies on Saturday, with my 14 year old freind Lydia… she’s pretty darn cool for 14… or any age for that matter. *Nods.* We went to see “Runnaway Jury,” and the dude at the begining was singing that songa… yersh… I knew that songa… from the Muzak at the TRU…

There was a Charactor called Lydia Deets… just like the charactor in Beetleuice… and there was this thing about colored dots, but we were too busy having a poke fight to see the first half of that scean… *Higgles.*

Then I went out with the BF. I almost had to abort the date on acount of caugh, but then he realized that I was drinking milk and then was bad… so he got me soda, and it worked.. yersh… and we had a fun time… we went to Guptils Roller Rink… the worlds largest indoor arena… or so it said on the banner. *Shrigs.*

*Dances around.*

Then we went home, and watched Monty Python on Lyta… (That’s the name of my computer, as I may have neglected to say,) and she crapped out on me. She got an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME, and was evil… *Grummbles.*

Then I had to wait till 4 on SUNDAY, to get my computer fixed… so I defrosted my freezer by hand, becuase you have to do that when you have a hand defrost freezer, and then I spent 4 hours in the VCC getting my computer fixered… *Grumbles.*

Anyhow… now it’s fixed… and I’m IRTing again, cause I’m totaly addicted… I am… and I finaly have some criteria for the thinger… yersh… *Nods.*


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OMG… *Sighs.* an Interesting past couple of days it has been oh yesh oh Yesh… Me has had dates… (Nice New Bike for the Fishie) and of course yesterday was the First Day of Classes at College…

I had Comp Sci first… and that was fun… cause the dude was all like… this is a computer… a computer is a device for solving lots of simple problems at high rates of speed… and so on and so forth… then I had Intro to Audo Visual which was cool… they gave us this list of things I have to go buy… I’ll get them tomara… I have a Date today. we got out early from that and so I went to put in an order on a wacom tablet… and then I couldn’t charge it to my card cause student account can only do like… 250 and it’s more expencive than that… so I have to go to the bank today in downtown Troy, and cash my paycheck.

Then I Had Comp Sci Again… Lab that time not Lecture where we converted Bianry to Decimals, and Decimals to Hexidecimals, and Hexidecimals to Decimals and all back… then I had “Animal Enrichment” Which soulds like a REALY funn class… like 15 min into class 3 of the proesors former students came in with masks and pary horns and threw benie babies at the proff… and he just laughed… it was interesting… we can eat in that class too which is good…

Meantime it’s like less than a week to the reopen of Hogwarts IRT… and I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.. I’ve never been so excited…


And did I mentoin I gots a BF… oh yeah… I mentioned that in the last entry… I still have no idear what the hell I’m doing but it’s fun anyway so yeah… I got that going on too… and the dudes are gonna install blinds today or tomara, so I have to get my fridge out of the corner… *Sighs.* and It’s quarter after 11 and I’m still nto dressed so I have to go now… and do that…

 I’ll get alot done tomara… I’ll scan the Image of Felicity that I drew tomara and use my new wacom tablet which I hope to have by then, to Photoshp in the color then… and that should be nifty… yesh, and go check out the new Fic… “EVA 04” that’s where Felicity comes from… it’s just a Viginete… but I like it…

Ok… I have to go dress… TTYL!!!


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