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I’m Gonna Be An Angel!!!

Have you ever watched that show? (It’s also known as “Tenshi ni Narumon!”)You should. It Roxors my soxors. *Grins.* It’s Totally RANDOM. I’ve only seen the first few eps… one VHS, but it’s still totally Kewl!!!


Tomorrow I have my AV final… and that’s all I has… well I has work in the morning, cause I has work, but that’s all.

On Saturday, I went Rollerskaing with the BF… and there was these two boys there who like, nearly ran everyone else out of the rink with their nutty skating… the bigger one plowed me straight over… I never even saw him coming! Just BAM!!! And down I went.

It was embarrassing, cause I’m a good skater!!! I’m not so hot on the crossovers, (I didn’t even want to try them after taking that embarrassing spill,) but I can skate on only one foot and turn that way too and things like that… I’m a fairly decent skater in the forward direction, just not backwards, cause I can’t do that and I’m not as inconsiderate of some boys as to try and learn it in a rink with other people where I might, say run into them doing some fort of fancy maneuver I’ve never tired before.

I mean the little one had an excuse, cause he was like, 6 or 7, but the older boy realy should have known better… they were even skating in the regular direction during reverse skate!!!

Today in Animal Enrichment class, we made a Gelitan and Oats Sculpture thing in the shape of what, arguably may represent the face of a classmate… we did smack a pie tin all over his face… to make it that shape, but I’m not sure it worked out. It’s a very fun class, but I sometimes get the feeling that we’d make infinitely more progress toward the goals of the class if the Professor wasn’t so quick to give up on idears when they don’t work out in the shortcut version. You have to do things all the way, or not at all really.

Unfortunately I have to curb my mouth in that aspect, because every time I go to point out something that’s going to cause the plan to fail, I’m a naysayer… or I’m micromanaging… or I’m being to scientific… and then it goes wrong and no one seems to care that we just put 2 hours into doing something that crashed and burned and went terribly wrong, and might have been salvaged if we had taken the time to address some of the practical concerns involved with the project, instead of just going at it with no regard for the laws of physics… *Sighs.* But I really should shut up, cause it’s my favorite class….

“Datte datte datte datte daisuki dakara!!!”

*Toddles about singing the “I’m gonna be an Angel” song.*

I’ll Blog Again Tomorrow… if anything good comes up at work!!!


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The C of despair….

I can’t belive I gotted a C. I gotted a C in Bio. *Grumbles.* Momma’s NOT gonna be happy… *sighs.* Oh well… I’ve got to get an A in Imaging… If I gets an A in imaging Everythign will be OK. I have to have an A in imaging because that’s the class that counts towards my major now.

I need that A… I need it I need it I need it… I’m gonna get it too… but I though I was getting a B in Bio. *Sighs.* I know I’m getting a C in Calc… but will I pas Chem? I dunno… but it’s OUT OF MY HANDS!!!

All that’s IN my hands is Calc… and I’m getting no more than a C in that, cause I can’t intergrate, so that’s all I gots on the Gateway Exam. But I gonna get an A in imagaing I HAVE too… there’s no other way… I absoloutly MUST… *Whimpers.*

Momma not gonna be happy… I in trouble…. but I gots JOBS… so I in less trouble that way… *Sighs.* I hate Chemestry… I hate Calc… and I can’t belive I gotted a C in Bio. I’m in the C of despair….

I need to sleep… I have a Calc Exam Tommorow…


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Witch old witch?
The Wicked Witch!

Well for better or worse I will NEVER take another chemestry class again!!! I had my Chem Final Today. I think I did pretty Alright. I hope I wind up passing the class…. cause failing would realy suck… Still no word on my Bio or imaging grades… I’ve got my fingers crossed, cause at this point, both grades are OUT OF MY HANDS. The classes have been over since last Wendsday, and Friday Respectively, and I realy have no idear what I’m getting in Bio. I think it should be Ok… I know I passed, but I have no idear how he’s grading…

Then there’s Imaging, and I’m getting either an A or a B in that but an A would be a REAL help there because I haven’t had one yet… I love imaging… my final flash project was aload of fun…

So all I have left is Calc. I should be able to get a C in Calc. I’d be able to do better if I had any Idear what to do in Math at all. But I’m getting a C, and I just know I’m getting a C, because I can’t get any lower than a C or I’ll throw myself from the window sill of the Second Floor of Amos Eaton… I’ve noticed that building has a wonderfull windowsill that one could get a good steady footting on before throwing themselves to an early grave.

Personaly as long as I get an A in imaging, I’d settle for C’s in everything else… but I thik my mom would like me to have a B in Bio. I would like me to have a B in Bio too… but I have no idear how I’m doing relitive to the curve… I know my number grade, but I dun wanna say what that is till I know weather it’s a B or a C. It’s one or the other, that’s for sure…

Anyhow, I should turn in now… that way I can get up early and start studing more for the Calc Final I have Thursday…


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It’s to late for the Pebbles to Vote

In the Words of Ambasador Kosh, “The Avalanche has already started, it is to late for the pebbles to vote.” It’s April 22nd… and the end of the year rush is on.

The end of the school year is drawing nearer and nearer, and I still have to do an Event Crituque for my imaging class. Last night I went out to a ‘film festivle’ and it turned out to be more of a Peace Rally than anything else… we showed up 10 miniutes late for an hour and a half event, and missed all the films. I’m not sure if I can do my crituque on that… At least I’ve finished my Flash project for this class…

I still have to take the Gateway, and I STINK at Integration, which is what the Gateway is on this time around, but I DID get an 85 on the last test…. so I’m getting bettar at the math overall.

I still have to take the Chem Final on the 6th… and Lord only knows if I’m even gonna pass that class…. *Sigh.*

And of course I have a poster session tomorow night for Biology, and a final Draft of our Report is due then, and we still havt to assemble the poster later tonight…. Gag….

Oh and Horror of Horrors…. Mots is gone…. *Sighs.* It wasn’t so good anyhow ever since that new guy took over. Doesn’t matter anyhow… all my Skins and such have been moved over to My Mayonnaise, in a section that’s been on deck to go up in that eventuality. So their all safe and sound. At least somthing is working out…


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Taxing Times

Ok, so I stink as a Blogger… I can’t keep up… I miss an average of 2 out of three days, but hey… that’s life… I stink at alot of things… but that’s ok… I’m proud of it.

Well… classes are over here two weeks from tomorow, and I’m not sure I want them to be. Yes, when they are over I won’t have to go to class anymore… but that’s when finals start, and then after that, I get my grades… I’m really dreading that. Next year I need to come up with a better way of keeping track of what I’m getting in any given class. I need to record my grades… in an excel sheet or something… that would work, and I need to start it right from the first day.

Next year I get to live in a Single, in the Quad, which is closer to the buidlings where classes are taught, and everything goes on… so that should be better, and I’m be taking better classes too… *Sighs.* But this year I still have to get through chem, pull up my Calc grade, and Survive the Bio Final Project (For more on thea check back to “The Germs are out to get Me” and “8 hours in a Lab.”) We have to write a report on what we found there now… the fist draft is due today, and we are getting together later to put thi finishing touches on it… I can only hope that the one guy who had to leave eariey last night, did what he said he would, so we can splice that in.

And it’s Gateway time again!!! (See “Of Mice and Math”) And I have to work on learnign to integrate… I should know it already, but I sorta bombed that unit, at the begingin of the term. Lucky me we haven’t needed it since, but here we are back to Gateway… Last Semester it was Differenciation… this semester, it’s Integratrion… I hate integration…

So while the grown ups in the real world run amuch trying to get thier taxes in, I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to wrap up all the loose ends before the end of the semester… and I still have to find an event to write a crituqe on… drat.

Oh well… off to classes…


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