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Time and Time again…

Well I’m back again… *Sighs.* And rereading things that I’ve written before I though there are some loose ends that need tying. I got a 9 on the Gateway, and I passed Chemistry, so that’s that….

Tomorrow I have two more finals… my LAST two finals… and so I’m going to sleep early tonight. *Sighs.* And then the day AFTER tomorrow, I get to go home… and I’m not sure at that point if that is a good thing or not. I mean I really love my family… but lately every time I go back there it’s like… like I’m a stranger in my own house, and I’m no longer living on my own terms. I like living on my own terms. It’s nice this way.

So it’s two days till I go… Thas not much times… I’m gonna wash my spare sheets and things so I can put a clean set on my dorm bed before I go… update my lists and things on Wednesday before I go home… cause my internet access time will be severely limited once I’m back there… my time is not mine at home…

Taking a late Lunch break now… since I got up at 10… so breakfast was at 11… yeah… *Yawns.* Little Tired actually. Good golly… time really flies when you are cough in a mobiuos strip… (see previous entry.)

I really have nothing clever or witty to say, but I just though that I should check in, for the heck of it… *Sighs.* As soon as I finish with this I’m uploading another Chapter of Mind Games that I proofed and edited last night… and then going back onto my little hamster wheel to do maths.

Last night I went to a review session and I had to leave 10 min early… and go to Church. (On account of I’m Catholic, and proud of it thank you much) And I though I’d take a shortcut to the church, but it was after dark… ( I HATE being out after dark…) and I took a wrong turn and would up on the wrong blooding street.

Never take shortcuts in the dark when you are late for church… it doesn’t save time it wastes time… it’s all about TIME…. Everything is about time… speaking of time… no one ever seems to have enough of it… I think I’ve spent just about enough of it on this… back to maths….


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Of Mice and Math…

It has been said, that “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.” So to, do the best laid plans of female college freshmen.

My Plan for today was to get up at 8, go to 9am mass, and get a jump on the day. Go meet the math TA at 10, take the Gateway Exams (A proctored computerized Calculus Exam, the grade I get on it is the Maximum grade I’m alowed to get in the course,) from 12 to 6.

Well that was the plan I made at 10 last night before I watched some TV and went to bed.

My Plan CHANGED at 5 am this morning, when I STILL hadn’t gotten any sleep. Two different groups of my neighbors got into a fuede or something in my hallway for no apparent reason.

Yeah. That’s when I knew there was no way in heck I was getting up at 8. 3 hours of sleep is NOT enough. So I got up at 10 instead. A little under 5 hours of sleep. Lovely.

Went to the TA’s review Session. A little late, and went at 12 to take the Gateway Exams again. I got another 9. I already had a 9. I want a 10. A perfect score.

The best laid plans…

I tryed again, but got burnt out on 4 hours of sleep and an empty stomach. So I went home, ate, took a nap and studied. Then I went to late mass.

I lost alot of my day to those jerks. *Grumbles.* So here’s a little word to anyone living in a dorm, particularly freshman at college who may not realize it yet: The amount of noise you make at night is not just a nucance to people. It can ruin entire days. Or realy (bleep!) somone up on finals. Be considerate, and put a lid on it. ESPECIALY durring finals week.



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The Day of Judgement is at Hand!!!

It’s just like the priest said, sunday before last at the college church. The end of the semester is comming, and the end of the world may folow shortly.

There is too damn much to do in to damn little time. Everyones in a panick. It’s hard to stay out of the hysteria. Especialy when I’m quite possibly foing to fail chemestry.

It started out as just a bit of an irritant. But I was doing ok, except on the tests. Now, things are getting bad. Half the time I’m going through the labs in a daze, not realy sure what on earth it is I’m writing, and the last two Monday tests were on material that we had covered the prevois friday, the homewirk on which would be due that tuesday and turned back corrected, that Friday, four days after we were tested on it.

Plus I’ve got to take a “Gateway” exam, for math. And I can’t get any better in the course than I got on the Exam. I can take it as many times as I want, but it’s more fickle than owl about how you enter your answars.

The good news is there’s only two days left of classes, which means after then I can spend all of my time trying to get ready for the finals, and taking that gateway exam over and over till I get at least a 9. I took it today… I’m not even gonna tell you what I got.

I’m not having a good day today. First off our room is still freezing from the heat shutoff last saturday. And my favorite necklace… (a gift from a certain somone… for whom I hold a mostly unrequited affection) spontainoisly fell off my neck during the exam. The clasp seems to have broken. Then I stunk on that Exam, and got lost trying to find my group to work on our final progject (a robot which plays “Wumpus” (don’t ask)) for my “Minds and Machinces” Class, only to finaly find them, and find out we were still at a standstill, because the programmer was yet to show. So I was stuck there, till 9:30.

I hate being out after dark. Hate it.


Oh, and if anyone has noticed that I stoped updating the Mayo, or that there are any font issues, well that’s because I have to find my font. That’s right I lost it. I had to remove “Adobe Type Manager” from my PC, and when I did I lost all my neeto finito fonts. So I guess that’s where they all came from. I haven’t updated this since then either, but it occured to me that since it’s hardwired into the form, it shouldn’t realy be an issue.


Oh well… nearly time for sleeps. Gots a apiontment with the Tutor lady at 11. Gonna have to get up earier than Noon tomorow. *Shrigs.* I got next semesters shedual set up sos that I dun have to get up ever before 8, which is nice, and 8 ish only mondays…. *niddles.* and that’s only if I pass Chem… if not, I gotta rework my whole shedual.

Judgement day is at hand.

Will I be in Chemestry II hell? Or the hell that comes of failing Chemestry I? God I hope it’s the former. The soomer I’m done with Gen Chem the better. I need a class where there’s a choice of proffesors, and I can get one who doesn’t look and speak like a Doozer. (From the Fraggles that is.)

Right. Sleeps…

Nighty Night!


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