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Busy, Busy, Busy…

So… right… back from a morning shift feeding the Whiskers kittays at Petsmart… and I think it’s time I got a few things straight in my head here, because there’s a lot of stuff on my mental “To Do” List…

Firstly, every fracking day, and this won’t be done till I find a job: Spend at least 2 hours a day on job search. If no jobs can be found that day, work on portfolio. Not super desperate, unemployment should hold the roof over my head and food on my table… but until I get a job back, there’s no fun money to be had… so yes. Job. Get one.

I need to get up to speed as a Storyteller for Nocturne Macabre, and get stuff in order for my plot for that on Friday. I need to re-photo Etsy Offerings that have not yet been re-photoed, and get two custom designs made ASAP. I need to pay more attention to my Deviant Art Account, upload some re-photoed Etsy, and other art and I should get the two chapters of “Alphabet Soup” already in progress published already. Lastly, I think it’s time I get a Flickr Account, everyone in the BJD community has one, and I should probably to, for when I get my PukiFee, in the meantime I can put Etsy product pictures and LARP/Cosplay project pictures in my Photostream…

I also want to actually get to play with those new tassel beads I got in… I’ve got daggers and teardrops and I want to make something nifty out of them for my Etsy shop… and I need to debut the woven design and the three new colors of pearl too, but it’s hard when I’m limiting which days I work on Etsy, to like, one really long intensive day every two to four weeks, to try and avoid loosing too much unemployment, since the Etsy shop doesn’t really pay… and the re-photoing is top priority.

Plus everyone and his uncle needs a ride when I’m unemployed… I swear I should be a taxi driver. I’d only need to find 50 people to pay me 10 dollars a ride each week to make it work… probably the wear and tear on the car tho would offset that some… and taxes… no… I think I’ll stay a Dev. (CALL ME CENGAGE!!!)


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Genericon here I come!!!

So, I’m a little behind, or more than a little behind, on publishing in Alphabet Soup. I will get to that within a few weeks I hope, however.

I got my resin Eva Nodes in the mail today, from Feralworks, so between that and some stuff I’m planning to borrow from Jake’s closet, I’m pretty much set for Genericon. I love the feel of the resin they’re made of… I want Asuka Red ones, and think I want to commission a custom set in Toji midnight blue for stage managing. I might just get hooked and wind up trying to get them in Kensuke Green and Hikari Orange too… but resin… that brings me to my next thought.

Ball. Jointed. Dolls.

Last year I held this tiny handful of a doll at Genericon, and I need to find the BJDers again and find out who makes those little guys, because I think I’m going to take up the hobby, and I want a little one like that. Not a white one… that little guy was white with a grey wig and light eyes. I want a girl with brown hair and dark eyes. Handful sized.

Much as the Dolfie Dreams look nice on DannyChoo… I can’t justify having something that big in my place… plus they’re vinyl. I want resin… and the little ones are so cute and have a nice weight to them.


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Thanatos Revisited…

Ok, so “Thanatos”… lives. (Ironic, eh?)

As I mentioned in late October, I was considering expanding the story upon completion of the Power Rangers RPM, which occurred December 26th. I didn’t get to see it till January since I was out of town with a death in the family (see previous entry) but once I did and saw how much play there was left with regards Alphabet Soup, I decided to go ahead with my plan to build off my idea for Thanatos, and make a whole series, taking more little trips to the department of back story with the illustrious Doctor K.

It took a little time to get off the ground, since I was pretty busy, I’m starting to think God had me laid off because he knew I was gonna be hella busy taking care of other people for a month or so, and he knew I wouldn’t be able to just run off to New Jersey for a week and a half on a moment’s notice, nor would I be able to play playing medicab driver for a friend who is medically precluded from driving (love ya sweetie, no hard feelings!) nor haul Jake out to the urgent care for his little dermatological emergency, if I had a job I was supposed to be at.(Seriously I have spent far too much time in urgent care/walk in clinic waiting rooms these past few weeks.)

Anyhow, I’m home now, and with nothing but time once again and so I present to you:

Alphabet Soup.

Starts with “T is for Thanatos” which is still the same as last time I mentioned it, except the title, and presenting chapter 2 “H is for Humbled,” and I have “N is for Necessary” on deck for next week.

I’m not gonna keep spamming my own LJ over this, but for those who give two bits, expect a new installment every Thursday at least until I get a job. No way I can’t manage that while lacking a full time job.


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Ok, so I’m hooked…

No I mean I’m Seriously Hooked. I haven’t been this into a season of Power Rangers since Mystic Force. Yes Power Rangers. Shut Up.

Whilst Mystic Force had the Potteresque charm of a bunch of teenagers gifted with magical powers fighting the big bad while discovering their own true power, RPM has a post apocalyptic landscape populated by characters all dealing with issues of family acceptance and/or loss, whilst battling with giant robots.

It’s Evangelion for kids.

The center peice, at least for me, of this whole shebang, is the Rangers Mentor, Doctor K, who could give Katsugari Misato and Agaki Ritsuko a run for their money for the titles of Most Messed up Mentor, and Most Damaged Computer Genius, respectively, and Gem and Gemma, two trigger happy ADDers whom I expect to pull an Asuka in the bathtub, in the event they are for some reason unable to blow the enemy up real good, which seems to be their only purpose in life.

Then we have Ziggy Grover, incompetent, blustering, clumsy, and for some unknown reason, infatuated with Doctor K. His main skill is SHADOW PUPPETS, and his foot is in his mouth more often than not. It’s cute. So naturally Doctor K pushes him away at every opportunity.

How do I know I’m hooked? Other than the rambling? I wrote PR Fan Fiction…

Yeah… I did.

Thanatos: People who hide themselves from others seldom turn on a dime to wear their heart on their sleeve, but if pressed, they may fake it. Doctor K is nearly clever enough to pull it off. (Read Story)

It’s on the FanFic.net. I know… it’s sad. But these days Private Archives don’t get enough traffic.


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Wacom Bliss…

I’ve been playing with my Wacom Tablet!!! It’s loverly… I can use the presure sensistve features in it now and have mastered coloring with it… Colored my drawing of Felicity for “EVA 04” and put that up… though I still can’t freehand draw yet… Well I have a little…

That was fun. *Grins.* Just little doodles like that is all I’ve been able to frehand so far… I’ve also got uh… new link buttons for some of the Random Links… I separated out two links into a new links section just for the Sims… I’ll add more later when I get around to it… They are such nice sites many of them.

And then… Uh… I’ll lay around and eat more beef jerkeyness…. cause Uh… I have no classes on Friday… and I have no classes THIS monday cause it’s Labor Day… so it should be fun… I’m going out at 7 or 9:30 tonight to see Chicago… I haven’t decided which show to see yet but I’m going to one of them…

And Tomara I gonna go on a date and I gonna see “Tron.” That’s got Bruce Boxlightner in it, from B5.

Did I mentoin I have a Wacom Tablet?

*Wanders off to make more link Images and Frehand doodles.*


Adendum 6:03 pm:

Me Maked a new Desktop with my Wacom…  and uh… rearanged a bit on the site… yesh.


And now I gots to get ready for Chicago…


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