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Ding Dong the Hair is Gone, the Wicked Hair is GONE!!!

Had a haircut this morning. I’m overall quite pleased.

There’s a good entry about Last Nights SVU at ob_fangrrl and several more over at lawandordersvu not that it matters because no one reads this journal watches SVU and no one who watches SVU reads this journal, unless, perhaps, they happen to look at the friends bit of ob_fangrrl and see it.

Anyhow yesh. Nice Hair.

Then we bought a shirt for my brother at the JCPenny’s (cause that’s where my haircut was,) and picked up some pants my father had ordered from the JCPenny’s catalog, and I tried to explain to my mother that I don’t like sweaters with little beads on them or cutsey patterns, or cabling or that button down the front with flowers embroidered on them. My mother finally got the picture when made a correlation to Oliva’s sweaters. (I lurble her sweaters.) Apparently she was actually paying attention that one time she watched LnO SVU wth me. Anyhow… yesh… Liv Sweaters. They aren’t like mom’s sweaters, and the sweaters she buy me that hang off people like potato sacks. They fit. Like they should. Anyhow it ended up I did manage to find a red sweater in the kids department (yes I can still shop there when desperate) that was about 90% there and will be fine for Thanksgiving. It’s a little on the thin side, and it’s got a built in white undershirt that shows about the collar which is cool, and out the bottom, which is not.

I’m off now, until Sunday, off to Thanksgiving at Grandmas without Cable TV or Internet Access, and remembering to sit like a lady and act like a girl. Yuck. I do however, have a laptop. *Snuggles her laptop.* So I shall be writing, and will backpost the entries when I return.


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Still Hung Up on my HAIR….

And I probably will be until I get it cut. I tried to do something with this morning, but it didn’t work… I only ended up with some sort of anime thing going on in the back bottom. The trouble is the hairdresser cuts it so short back there, that she usually winds up taking the clippers to the back of my neck… which means there’s usually nothing back there I have to worry about… just make sure the top is on order and the rest of it is to short to be anyplace BUT in order… not so anymore. I haven’t had hair this long I don’t think since highschool… It was definitely shorter than this when I let it grow a little to Cosplay Kanzaki Hitomi… but this is way past that… then it was still tidy in the back, cause I actually had a haircut in there where I had the hairdresser just leave it long on top… this is not that… this is not a deliberate change of hairstyle… this is just what happens when you let short short layered hair grow back out again… you get semi long layered hair… which is just a pain in the ass. At least in high school I didn’t layer the top at all, so it all laid nice and flat up there. Mef.

Got bored again last night and added a second icon to my entry at the  ob_fangrrl comunity. Then when I was about to go to bed, fliping through screencaps, I found another one I could use for sommat else… and so I saved it, and this morning made another Icon… so now I’ve 3 of them entered. The only ones left are the Workmate/Castmate, and Serious?Not! categories… but I don’t know that I could come up wth anything I like in the workmate/castmate category. It just lends it self to far to much mush. I had this great idea for Serious?Not! but it all hinges on finding a good picture of MH as Cyntha Hooper… so I may save that one for another time. Oh look I just said MH… well I’ve been saying GA and DD for years now so I guess it’s only fair now isn’t it. (That’s Gillian Anderson and David Duchoveny for the Non-X-Philes out there.) And I guess since my weekly Scully Fix got swtched for a weekly Liv Fix when TXF ended… MH deserves an abbreviation as well. I saw someone else using it… and it works. Though Em-Ache doesn’t roll off the tongue so well as Gee-Aye or Dee-Dee. *Shaddups.*

I’m spending entirely too much time thinking about SVU since I joined that community. Not that I didn’t think about it previously (as evidenced by the Liv Desktop, and Liv MSN Icon in the Random Downloads on Mayo’s Mayo, and the half finished SVU Fanfic that’s been lurking round my puter for months… but my hair… *Vries.* My hair when it IS cut… is not because I didn’t steal it off 2nd season Liv, I stole it off Cathy Rogers on Junkyard Wars.) But honestly, lets talk about sommat else.

I have a theory about chain letters on the web: Only 50% of it is caused by the same people who perpetuated chain mail in snail mail format (Idiot Kids.) The rest of it is 35 year old and older adults old enough to know better who somehow loose all better judgment when they log onto a computer, and think that they are actually doing their friends and family a service by forwarding them 40 e-mails a week containing cutsey clip art, clever poems in bizarre fonts, and false warnings about urban myths that they never bothered to Google to confirm because if they had they would have come up with at least a dozen pages that told them it was a hoax and no one has ever died from a plug in air freshener. And I know at least 2 adults of ths age capable of falling for this… thank goodness at least one of them has enough sense to actually ask her friends if they want them or not, (in person or by phone) before sending them… the other one… not so smart… but then, she’s just plain always not so smart… *Shrigs.* Think Casey, Blonde, Cross Country running instead of softball, and over 50.


How did I get back on SVU?


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*Resists urge to give self haircut.*

I’m a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad girl. I skipped church today. Totally skipped it. Didn’t feel like going… so I didn’t. Last night I finished the Ert Wandlore, and entered an icon into the icon contest over at the ob_fangrrl community. Shamed as I am to be a member of anything containing the word “fangrrl” it’s true… but it is in no way the same as a Legolias fangrrl… It’s NOT. They all need to die… I’m not fawny… I’m not… I swear… I just have an… admiration. That’s it. An Admiration. I do not fawn.


Neeeeee Waaaaaaaaays… I’ma just hang around here, in my room… derobedly… watching “I am Sam” on TNT, until Rachel comes by and we go to the mall. I hope to God she didn’t get me a birthday present, cause I forgot her birthday, and yesh… that would be really fecking awkward.

I need a haircut. Desperately. It’s getting all long in odd places. It’s heading directly into season 2 Olivia Benson hair territory. All I need is to turn it up a bit in the back with a curling iron. Which would be great if that was the look I was going for… it’s not. It should be shorter… much shorter… but I can’t get a haircut until I check with the director for the play. I’d hate to loose my part over having hair to short to play the part. I wouldn’t worry about it normally: it’s not a period play. I mean I knew I wasn’t getting a speaking role in Crucible. I was lucky to be included at all since no one in that time period would have hair this short… but yes… even though “Trevor” takes place in modern day England, I still could run into trouble, since there is supposed to be contrast between the straight mothers (one of which I’m playing,) and their lesbian daughters. Course I’m pretty sure both of the girls they cast as lesbians are pretty femme, everyone at that audition was… but there was another night of auditions… meh. *Shaddups.* I’ll just have to wear hats for a while. I swear to god if they ask me to grow it out much longer than it already is though, I’ll scream. Maybe I can wear a wig… no wait.. was gonna shaddup… I was wishing a moment ago I’d been cast as a lesbian, then I coult cut my hair as butch as I please, but then I remembered that if my father saw me kiss another girl on stage, he’d probably loose it, hell even mom would have trouble with that. As it is I can’t tell my grandparents that I’m even IN a play that involves lesbians. Meh. I gotta get dressed. Rachel will be here soon.


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