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Halloween Haunt…

The LOLCAT makes it’s second Halloween appearance to break the brains of one of our primary charactors. This time it’s K’s turn to revisit that which has haunted her for years…


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MayoWare is BACK!!!!

Punkin PatchMayoware is back open for business!!! We’ve got a great set of Halloween earrings out including last years much loved Pumpkin Patch Wrapped Helix Cuff.

Holiday Ordering Deadlines are as follows:

  • Orders in by October 14th will ship in time for Halloween.
  • Orders in by November 18th will ship in time for Chanukah.
  • Orders in by December 1st will ship in time for Christmas.

Knowing I’m slow I gave myself a serious buffer, so get your orders in EARLY!! Also I’ll be closing on the 1st of December so that I can enjoy my own Holidays, so really don’t wait till the last minute!!!


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Nubanded arrives just in time for Halloween!

Nubanded Shirt, Hat Nubanded Shirt, Hat Nubanded Outfit, Socks Nubanded Dress Nubanded Boots, Leggings Nubanded Shirt, Leggings

So yesterday, when I got home from work, what was waiting for me but my order from Nubanded!!! I didn’t get into most of it until today, since I had fairly little time between coming home and when I had to go back out again to Lew’s Halloween Party, but I did open it up to get out Kenzie’s Halloween outfit which just looked absolutely adorable on her!!!

I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to have her Halloween outfit in time since package tracking was still saying it was being dealt with by “origin Post” i.e. the Thai postal service, and was therefore still overseas, but I guess they must have lost track of it crossing the ocean because it got here without ever leaving Thailand according to package tracking.

The outfits are all delightful, and she sent me a free pair of leggings… the shirts are a slightly odd cut, all of them a little bell shaped, and the decals slightly stiff and prone to crackage, like the ones you used to see on Barbie T-Shirts back in the 90s, but I love the way they look on and the boots I ordered are just what the doctor ordered!!! Check out the details by clicking on the Flicker pictures above… or these ones below from Kenzie at the Halloween Party!!!

Spoooooky Girl! Jack-O-Lantern Up on the bookshelf Trying to be frightening... In the Candelabra Halloween Buddies

Also the other day, I decided that the girl needs herself a teddy bear. So I went looking about and I found this great bear. Now the name is All4Blythe, but the bears and such she makes are in the 3 inch high range, and so will work well for Kenzie and any other Pukifee character that’s meant to be a little kid in a LittleFee scaled world.


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Yes…. I said Fhqwhahodididida!!!! That is what happens when You Burn Strongbad’s “Everybody to the Limit (the Fhqwhgads Song)” on a CD right before the techno Song “Sandstorm” and play it on the radio a long car trip with Two People whoenjoy Eddie Izzard… so then the “Dadadadada dadadadada dadada” Music in Sandstorm becomes “Hodididida Hodididida dadidid!” and well… yersh…

It’s especially interesting when those two people ate dressed up as Captain Wesker (Residant Evil,) and Dana Scully (The X-Files,) that’s an interesting sight… two law enforcement officials cruising down the highway singing “Fhqwhgads” and “Hodididida!” *Grins.*

In other Words… it was FUN!!! *Grins.*

So… Antidote… ok… here’s an Anecdote:

So we went to fright fest… and like… the Cannonball Express, and the 50’s cars, and the Bumpercars… and the CONDOR and such were all like… not open… and I don’t like Rolleycostas… but we did do the Storytown train and the Magic Carpet Ride… the Magical Mystery Tour, was also closed… but no one bothered to tell anyone so a lot of people waited in line for a long time… and they closed it later…

Moral of the story:

The operator of the Magical Mystery Ride should be Hung.

Anecdote number two:

So we go to the Beer Garden (That’s a Restaurant… not a Beer Place… it’s German… it’s inside the theme park.) And I order a Kielbasa with Sauerkraut, and the girl gets out one of those little paper trays and puts the Kielbasa in. She saw the look on my face and says “Wait! Did you want that on a BUN?”

Moral of the Story:

Food service is not rocket science… but it’s still not for the brainless.

*Toddles away in Scully suit Singing “Fhqwhahodididida!!!” at the top of her lungs.*


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Happy Haloweeeeeeeeeen!!!!

Hullo all!!! Me has not blogged in a bit has I? oh no… *Higgles.*

I had a rather interesting Halloween though… I dressed up as Agent Dana Scully! *Grins.* Had a Business suit, and a red wig and a hang tagish thing *Nods.* It t’were much fun! But the only other person who dressed up at work was Elinor… *Sighs.* But there was a lot of cookies… *Nods.* And Cake, but I don’t like Pumpkin Cheesecake so I had no cake. But I did have cookies.

Then I watched “The Langoliers” movie with Darren, and we went out to See the Matrix Movie at the RPI Cinema… *Nods.* The Second Matrix is on tonight, but we wont’ be around to see it, cause I’m a going to the Great Escape With Darren… and we gonna go to the Haunted House!!!

It shall be great fun.

Ok… yersh… I’m off now… to do my Haloweeeeny thingers that I could have done yesterday if the damn amusement park had been open on the very day it’s having festivities for the past month to celebrate…

Move on…

No Antecdotes here… *Higgles.*


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