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So Um… This is a Thing that Happened…

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Shut up, Shut UP, SHUT UP!!!

Gawd. The guy across the hall with the super sound system has decided that it might be a good idea to play foreign language hip hop at 8:30 in the AM on a Saturday. Asshole. In the bright side ABC Family is having a practical Marathon of Power Rangers SPD. Oh shut up. Yes I’m watching Power Rangers. It’s FUN.

I’m also memorizing my lines for the play, because I actually haven’t had time to even try to do that yet. I’m actually off book on the bits with short lines, except the Old Lady Scene where I’m half out of my mind most of the time so that makes it a little hard to remember my lines *Higgles.* I’ve gotta know those ones extra good, cause I’m playing senile, and kinda making myself dumb in the process. And I’ve got my longest line in that scene, which is hella repetitive. It’s like “Thank you, Thanks for having me, Thank you, I had a great time, thank you…” So on and so forth.

Saw Harry Potter 4 last night… don’t worry… no spoilers. Some pronunciation stuff I found to be a bit interesting Beaubaxtons is pronounced “Bow-Battons” and Accio is “Ack-ee-oh” which I never would have guessed.


But yesh… the arsehole across the hall has his speakers up on full volume ALL THE TIME. I can hear his AIM blips and some crazy chimes that mean lord only knows what.
For a period of time I thought I was having auditory hallucinations because the sounds were so loud I thought they were coming from somewhere in my room. Meh…

I want to trash his Speakers Now.


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These are not the Snacks you are Looking For… (Or HP3 and a Jedi Mind Trick)

So… yesterday I went to See Harry Potter 3: Prisoner of Azkaban, with my best friend Rachel. It was a great movie, and we had a load of fun… mostly at the expense of one poor ticket tearer girl. First, while I held our place in the line of people waiting to get into the theater, Rachel debated with the girl about being allowed past the check point to use the toilets. This succefful she joined me in line… however when we reached the front of the line, the girl chose to do a random bag search on my bag…

Now rather than giving in outright and loosing all of both my and Rachel’s carefully packed snacks… I decided to open the bag, grab the first item I could and sacrifice that for the good of the rest… it was a quick decision, but it completely fooled the ticket taker girl, as it all happened so fast… “I suppose you will tell me I can’t take this in the theater,” I said, holding up the item, which as luck would have it was Rachel’s soda. That’s lucky of course because it allowed us to get that in as well, since rather than give the soda to the ticket taker I handed it to Rachel, behind me, who managed to carry it in in her hand… since the ticket tearer was still completely confused…

“These are not the Snacks you are looking for.”

“These are not the snacks I’m looking for.”

“We may pass.”

“You may pass.”


Anyhow… the movie was great… my absolute favorite part was the following exchange:

Ron (half awake from a bad dream): Th-the s-spiders want me to tap dance…. I don’t want to tap dance!!!
Harry (deadpan): You tell those spiders, Ron.
Ron: I’ll tell the spiders. *Falls back asleep.*


Yesh… Uh… no more on that lest I run the movie for someone… twer goodah!!!

*Dances around.*

Oh… and just food for thought, though I don’t subscribe to it wholeheartedly, I do admt it has many valid points… I for one, shall wait and see: Dumbledore = Time Traveling Ron Weasly?

*Arches eyebrow.*


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