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My Legs Hurt…

I’ve been sitting all day working on my Final Project for Net Art, Due Tuesday… It’s not quite how I want it yet, but I think it’s going to have to do at this point, because I’m running out of time… “Doubt” (an SVU Eppy for the non-Svuers reading) is on TV again… but I’m seriously considering switching channels at 11:30 to watch “Drawn Together” on Comedy Central… however… while looking at it I’m starting to wonder, why on earth Olivia trusted Myra in the first place. People were talking after “Weak” about how even though it was a bad/weird ep, at least they were consistent about Olivia’s problems with the Mentally ill… (which I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out.) What I did remember was her tenancy to blow off drunk complainants, like she did to Juliette Barclay in “Control.” Why the hell didn’t she blow off Myra too? Meh.

Right then… sorry for the slowness on the Updates… been working on all that Homework/Project/Death stuff… Meh… Now I’ma watch a Little TV and go to sleep.


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Everything is Due Tomorow

Today is the 26th… and everything is due tomrow… I have a Paper on “Pumsy: In pursuit of Excelence” Which is more a comentary on how I wrote the letter to the Pumsy lady than anything else… that needs to be written and at least 7-11 pages and due at noon tomorow. I have a Final Exam at 10am tomorow for Intro Comunication Theory Class… (Not to be confused with Intro to Visual Comunications, which I took last semester,) that I still have to study for, and then I have my Intermediate Digital Imaging class at 6 tomorow night where I have to present my 3 on Juanita strips. First I have to tweak them all today so that they are neat and tidy and all the same size and things, and some time between today and 6 tomorow I have to do battle with the plotters to print out the re-do of my “Mold of Yancy” Illustration, which for some reason needs to be huge, and my re-do of my final image which is also big… and at some point I need to reprint my Book… and possibly print out 3 on Juanita as a book, and get all my projects from this semester into my online portfolio.

So that’s why I haven’t been blogging… and that’s why this entry is a bit short…

Cause Everything’s Due Tomorow.


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*Caugh – Caugh*

Just when you think it’s safe to shake hands again… *Jaws Music.*

The Late Season Cold Strikes.

I’ve been pretty much out of order since Monday evening, and to be perfectly honest have spent most of the past 72 hours sleeping, or attempting to sleep. It wasn’t so hard the first two nights but last night I was up all night caughing my brains out…


I had to go outside today to turn in my RW paper, and I went out there, and there’s no more ice…

Where the hell did winter go?

Well… I’ve had plenty of time these past few days to lay around and try and take my mind off the post nasal drip and stomach rublings, and the pain in the roof of my mouth from the lemon drops I’ve been sucking so I don’t vomit.

And so I’ve managed to do the following:

Catch up on my Strongbad E-mails, and Weeble and Bob cartoons.

I discovered Ozy and Millie, and read them all… from the begining. That Millie Cracks me up.

And oh, yeah, I drew up a comic.

And I’ll go have some soup and take a nap and try and get better FAST so I don’t have to caugh my way through my Midterm tomorow.


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Some Days I Hate My Life

Some days I truely hate my life…. this is one of them. *Sighs.*

It is just after 12 Midnight, as you can well, see, and I’m still doing HW. I should have done more yesterday when I had the time. But I didn’t, and so now I have to do it today.

My lab group has given up on the Post and Pre labs, so I have to do them on my own. I’ve just now finished that maple thing, but I’ve still got to print out some graphs from it and copy down some answers.

Lord I wish I coulds just print out the whole damn thing. But Noooooooo…. we have to coly down the answars by hand…


I should probably go do that now…

*Grumbles* and wanders off…*


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