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I Dream of Vodka…

I had the ODDEST dream last night… had a bit of a minor confrontation yesterday that sort of upset me… (shoulda kept my big mouth shut,) so I just assumed I would probably have some sort of disturbing nightmare where said person was attempting to take my life… or just generaly reaming me out, as generaly happens when I feel I’ve upset somone that I actualy care what thinks of me (and such people are ufew and far between/u.)

Anyhow… that’s NOT what I dreamt about.

I dreamt of Vodka.

I dreamed of a long saga, a spy mission of a sorts where I was attempting to steal vodka from my parent’s liquor cabinet without them finding out about it… which was ironic, because I do not generaly drink… I mean there’s comunion wine, and there’s the wine that’s been foisted on me by relatives at thanksgiving (“Just TRY it… perhaps your tastes have changed,”) Actualy the only two time that I’ve actualy drunk Alchohol of my own volition… it was a screwdriver, mixed with twice as much Orange Juice as there should be… and a screwdriver for those who don’t know… is made with vodka.

And I was tryin to take just as much as I could without them noticing it ws gone… but when I poured it out of the bottle it turned purple… and then I was in HS Chemestry Lab… doing the PH Lab… to Acidic and it’s Purple… too Base and it’s Pink… Just right and it’s clear… and I was trying to make the vodka clear again… but I couldn’t and then I dropped the Shot Glass, and it shattered and there was WAY more Glass than should have been from one shot Glass. It was like that Episode of the X-files with the Water in the Dixie Cup… (Here’s your First X-File Dogbreath… how did I just drench you with only a Dixie Cup of Water.)

Yeah that was strange… *Shrugs.* Anyhow… in Webpage News… I addd new Skins last Week at Sci-Fi Sims, and a New List in Random content, and I got the Portfolio back up on Inside the Jar… but 3 on Juanita’s Sort of Stalled out… And I need to get my Butt in gear on the Fan Fic Forum… Cause it’s been a few Months Since I updated that…

So yesh… I go do that now… *Nods.*


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8 Hours in a Lab…

I been 8 hours in a Biology Lab. From 2 till 10 today… I battled my new arch nemisis, no… not the infamous ‘Na’ Molecule… Escheria coli!!!

I the cultures finaly grew, so we were finaly able to do what we set out to do from the start. KILL EM ALL!!! *Dances.* We did a growth assay ans zapped em all with Ampicillin, (an anty-bee-o-tic) to disolve thier cell walls and pop them all wide open!!! *Cackles.*

But still… to be there for 8 hours? Ok, granted, I had a half hour long break to go eat dinner while the other two watched the stuff, but then I had an hour and a half where I was alone with the E. coli. *Shrigs.*

At least I amuse myself.


I go Sleepy.


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The Germs are Out to Get Me

You know, maybe more people would be interested in this blog, if I blogged more often… drat college that I don’t have so much time, but I’m gonna try harder. I really will… I have free time in the mornings now, because I wake up early every day to watch Babylon 5 on the Sciffy channel. For the record, I still hate their guts, for canceling Farscape just when I was getting into it, and then for messing with B5. *Grumbles.* But I love B5 to much to hold it against them at 9a.m. in the morning… that’s redundant, 9a.m. in the morning.

Oh well, I’ve got college coming out my ears at this point. Trying to study for my Bio exam tomorrow, when WebCT is doing sommat funky, and trying to get our Bio Lab Project done when the E. coli (The GERMS) won’t grow. Turns out we may have been working with just agar… instead of actually inoculating the cultures with bacteria, which could very well be what’s set us back about 2 weeks.

Yesterday I got to a Scanner, I had time between Calc that ended at 2:30ish and when I had to go over to the Bio Lab to inoculate the secondary cultures at 4. Unfortunately, as I’ve already stated, the Primary Cultures hadn’t grown. The E. coli are just laughing at us. I know they are. They are just whooping it up. The Germs are out to get me. They are deliberatly sabbotaging me.

Oh well… I’ve got a bunch of other stuffs I need to do today. Got do a Maple Lab due in Calc on Friday, and a Lab thinger due on Friday in Chem, and find a way into WebCT to do that Bio thing, and I have Calc from 12 to 1, an I’ve got an appointment with the E. coli again at 2, to discus with it why it isn’t growing… no seriously, we have to go run a growth assay. *Sighs.*

Gotta go get dressed. *Is still in Jammies.* Cause the day is starting, whether or not I want it too.


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