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RIP: Lecococ; He’s Sleeping with the Fishes

I got so distracted by quizzes yesterday that I forgot what I was on here for in the first place. *Sighs.* What can I say… I’m distractable, and I probably needed to be really distracted yesterday anyhow.

Anyhow… my beloved Beta Fish Lecococ, whom I’ve had since April 2004, has died. I discovered him Saturday night when I went to feed him on my way out to DnD, he’d lodged himself into the plant like he does when he’s sleeping, so he hadn’t floated to the surface. He’s been a gimpy fish since December, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. I had rather hoped that he would live to the end of the semester tho. I’ll not be replacing him as I plan on getting a cat when I move out of the dorms at the end of the semester.

*Sniff.* Rest in Peace Little Buddy.


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Sushi will Arrive Upon Standing…

EOP is over now… and I am a Player!!! WOOT. *Ahem.* Yesh… I got playered last night… it wasn’t as bad as I though it was going to be… Eric saved us all I think, simply by going freaking nuts. Thank you Eric. The other group did so much better… but… well… they were given a bit more to work with. They certainly had me laughing though.

I awoke this morning to the sound of my Labyrinth Poster coming unstuck from my wall and falling on my bed. It’s a good thing that happened though cause as it turns out I’d forgotten to set my alarm last night, and after the players party… (and watching an hour and a half of Reno 911 DVDs to calm down some,) I was totally washed out. I mean I didn’t get to sleep till 5am. I’ll probably go to bed early today so I can get up and go to class on time. *Nods.*

My fish, is a spoilt brat. On Friday I did a massive cleaning… I cleaned my room, did 4 loads of laundry, and cleaned my fish tank. I went to the union to get a toothbrush to clean the plants with, and the cheapest one they had was 2 dollars and change. That’s too much for a fish tank toothbrush, but it was worth the extra dollar to me not to have to take the buss all the way to the Wal-Mart. So my fish gets his tank cleaned with a high quality toothbrush.

Tomorrow is Valentines day, and also the Birthday of one of my Favorite RPG characters, Ariahne Alexander-Luna. Hazle Alexander and Alexander Luna’s

Why is it that when you cook something with sauce, they always say that the: Sauce will thicken upon STANDING? I mean… have you ever seen a pot or a bowl stand? They sit… I’m not sure how they sit without an ass, but that is what they do. Why isn’t it: Sauce will thicken upon Sitting? Or even: Sauce will Thicken as it Cools? That’s the truth isn’t it? It’s really about letting it sit there and cool off… that’s when it gets thicker.

For the record, I taste absolutely no change between regular EzMac, and EzMac “Extreme Cheese.” There’s nothing extreme about it. I promise you. In fact… it may taste a little LESS cheesy.

I called Go Sushi earlier today… it’s a Japanese Restaurant about. I had ordered Tempura Shrimp and Veggies, and two pieces of Sushi on Friday. I’d never had Sushi before… it was good… the Tuna had a bit of a bite to it… but the guy across the hall says it shouldn’t have… so now I think it may have crashed into the Wasabi in transit. Next time I must ask them to send no Wasabi next time. It just crashes into things in transit. Anyhow… the Salmon was to die for. I wanted more… so I called Go Sushi today. But they have no Sushi on Sunday. This… is unacceptable. I desire Raw Salmon Draped over Rice I don’t hate. There’s something special about Sushi Rice. It’s GOOD. I keep having this dream now where I go catch a salmon… cut it’s head off… filet it, and just eat it raw. I want to do that. A whole fish worth of Salmon Sashimi.

I also want to eat the Hostess Cupcakes on my shelf, but I want to eat them with Milk… and I haven’t got any Milk.

*Burp.* But the EzMac will have to do for now, now won’t it.


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N’trol ampurk’assi lecococ ornell!

Well… My tank is a TWO gallon tank. *Nods,* Which I filled up the day after I got it, after rinsing my gravel and stuff, and had all set up to get a Fishy on Wednesday, but I didn’t cuz tha BF had a Staff Meeting and so I didn’t go out, but on Saturday I got myself a nifty Beta Fishy. He looks sorta black when he’s not got a light on him, but when the light’s on him some parts, mostly his head, but a little of his lower fin too are a matte red, and the rest of him is an Iridescent Blue/Green color.

I considered several names before naming the fish:
Zathrus: I nearly settled on this one… but… he doesn’t look like a Zathrus… maybe if he was yellow or tan or sommat… or even red… but… while no one listens to my Beta Fish… Zathrus he is not.
Neroon: I liked the Idea of naming the Fish Something Minbari… and he’s a dark colored fish, and a fighting fish, so a Warrior caste Minbari Seemed Appropriate… but… it Just didn’t fit.
Zah-Zee: I considered naming the fish for the recurring Zah in Minbari words such as Ithsill’zah and Entil’zah, and Zah’hadum… but that was just stupid.
Lecococ: (Pronounced Le’Co-coke) A Word in Minbari used in a Joke by Zooty, of Rebo and Zooty. (See Title) As Delenn said, while laughing hysterically: “You see, a lecococ means both ‘a small fish’…and–and the pleasure you get from meeting someone for the first time.”
Pikea: (PIE-Kya) The only non-B5 related name to make it onto the Shortlist, this was the name of the Protagonist in “Whale Rider” and her Ancestor, Presumably Male, so it’s ok to name the boy fish after her, if she was named after a guy *Nods.*

Rejected outright were the following:
Alpha: This one was Clever (Alpha Beta) but reminded me to much of a Character of the same name who’s the antagonist in my constantly revised and therefore not yet posted cuz it keeps changing, X-Files Fan Fic, “What we don’t Let her Know.”
Master: Equally Clever… but Lewd. My fish will not have a Lewd name.
Sushi: My Pet is not now nor shall he ever be on the Menu thank you much.
Nemo: He’s not a clownfish… and it’s been done to death anyways I’m sure.

I asked the Sev board for help… but… there wasn’t anything in there that was really screaming to get onto the shortlist, (though Nemo did make it onto the NO NO NO!!! List.) I was looking for some somewhat Sci-Fi names and got a lot of More… well Sevish names… I should have known better. *Higgles.*

So… in the end I picked the only name I could… the one that Screamed at me and refused to go away in it’s absolute perfection… Lecococ, after the Minbari for ‘a small fish.’

I wub my Lecococ.


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I will be Ready when the Undead Come

Today I filled a Raw Chicken with Jam, Wrapped it in a Feather Boa, and in front of My Vivo Art’s Professor and Classmates… Hacked away at it, relentlessly with a Meat Cleaver. It was incredibly fun.

After that we went to the Petsmart… and while the Class was looking at all the cool stuff, and Julia was getting Cat Food and Litter, I got what I’m pretty sure is a One Gallon Tank, that comes with a Filter and Aerator and Tank Purifier and things. And I got a Small bag of Gravel, and a value pack containing three small fake plants. I’m gonna get the tank all set up before I get any fish… I talked to some people after I read about plastic Plants and Betta Fish, but they said it should be ok as long as they aren’t the rigid sort.

I can’t wait, cuz I haven’t had a pet all my own in forever and forever…

I’m only gonna be seeing the BF Every other Saturday now… and on one hand that’s sad, but on the other hand that’s good, cuz it’s getting to be crunch time in my classes… and I can use that time to get a jump on the weeks work instead of finishing everything the night before, or even the morning before it’s due, which has really increased my stress level.

I labeled my Foxglove “Eve” and I’m hoping it’s gonna germinate by the end of the semester. Cuz… I want them to. *Nods.* Plant and a Fish.

So… tonight I went to a Lecture by Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’ Son, about how to Survive a Zombie Attack. He wrote the book on it… literally, and I purchased it and got it signed. Why? Because I’m a sucker for a signed book… especially a good one… and this one is GOOD!!!!

Needless to say, when the Undead come… I will be one of the chosen few who are ready for them. Yes, I have the knowledge! Now all I require is a Machete and a Bike and I’m set. It’s either that or Stuff a drawer under my bed with MRE’s and hope the Zombies can’t get through the solid wood Fire Door, and the Solid Wood Door on my Room. They WILL Decompose Eventualy.



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