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The End of the World as We Know It…. or More of the Same

4 more years of Barack Obama.

It’s not ideal, but it’s a hell of a lot better than 4 years of Romney would have been. Say what you will about their economic policies and each of them being just as bad as the other and such, but as far as I can see, there is a clear lesser evil here, maybe even a neutral and an evil. I’m not saying Obama’s the bestest fellow in the whole gosh darned world. I mean, I do really enjoy him as a public figure, but also he makes some mistakes in running the country.

The one thing I can count on with Obama, that I cannot with Romney, is a decent human view on basic physical human rights. Obama is coming for my money. Romney was coming for my body. He talks a big game about getting government out of my business, but that’s not the GOPs actual platform and that’s a pretty big problem. You can’t compete on the economic issues if you’re busy trying to legislate people’s private lives into oblivion. Meagan McCain even gets that.

So yeah, enough running around the internet and the world screaming about how it’s the end of the world, or a great big democrat concipiricy, and everyone is out to get you and take away your rights and the librulz are going to ruin the world and yadda yadda yadda.

You lost fair and square, and if you can’t step into reality and accept that, then you’re the REASON you lost.

Chill out and get with the program, and maybe you’ll have a shot in 4 more years.



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There’s a Birther in New Jersey, Owes Me a Condo!

Be careful what you wager. There’s a Birther in New Jersey who bet me his house (turns out it’s a condo,) that jus soli doesn’t apply to the children of illegal immigrants. I probably won’t be able to (and wouldn’t want to) collect on the bet as stated, as it would involve putting a first cousin once removed (his wife) out of her home, and that would be uncool. I am however unemployed and would gladly accept a lower value payout in leui of the Condo. *Wink.* I do have an Amazon Wishlist Mr. Birther, I really been itching for that Pukifee Bonnie… If that’s too rich for your blood, how about a copy of Portal 2? 8^P

Of course, the core portion of the argument has already been submitted to Failbook, though it’ll be a few weeks before we know if it makes the front page like my Sketchy Bunny did… Go Vote for this Fail!!!

The expanded version of the argument however, can be read here, with commentary!!!!

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Rally to Restore Sanity!!!

So it seems there’s going to be a rally at the end of October, which I’d love to attend. The “Rally to Restore Sanity” organized by none other than the Daily Show’s John Stewart, is, quite frankly, long overdue.

People are acting absolutely bat-shit crazy these days, and even tho this rally will likely have pretty much 0 impact on that (because what to rally’s really do except stir people up into a righteous indignation so they can go home and do… nothing) it’s about time that the sane folk got on the TV for once.

No more tea partiers monopolizing the screen with “Obama is the Antichrist” posters… oh yes, I’m sure that’s a small cross section, but that’s who makes the news.

Then again, the “Keep Fear Alive” rally, held that same day, promises to be delightful satire of self same crazies.

So… hope to see some folk there… I’ll be participating in the Etsy Meetup there to network with fellow Etsians, if I can pull myself away from my carpool for a bit.

Great fun!!!!


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This Little Boy Rocks

I just have to say, that This Little Boy Rocks.

I’ve discussed it with a few people, and some have said that it’s utter disrespect not to say the pledge, and that it’s demeaning to the men and women who gave their lives for this country, etc, etc. One person has even said that people who will not say the pledge should just leave the country.

These people are wrong.

This little boy is a true American. He’s making full use of the rights which others fight and die to defend. To do any less when he believes he is right would be to say “thanks, but no thanks” to his freedoms as an American, including the 1943 Supreme Court decision that says he does not have to stand and recite the Pledge if he disagrees with it, and he does. He does not believe there is “Liberty and Justics for all” so long as the GLBT community continues to be discriminated against, and he’s right.

Good on you Will Phillips. You rock kid!


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Crazy Co-irkers strike again…

Ok… despite the title, I actually kinda like these guys… where by “these guys” I mean the two loudly right wing fellows on my team. (There’s 3 more who just turn up their headphones every time the three of us get into it.) Just want to get that out of the way… I’m fully capable of disagreeing with you vehemently, and still enjoying your company.

In my last, (also first) political post, I was ranting about my co-irker the Right-Wing Libertarian, a fellow who disavowed his Republican roots and became a Right-Wing Libertarian instead, to distance himself from their recent behavior.

I keep saying “Right-Wing Libertarian,” because there is, in both his mind and mine, a world of difference between them and what I previously believed “Libertarians” to be, whom he describes as “Left-Wing Libertarians”. He doesn’t like them. I do. I will not refer to them as “Left-Wing Libertarians” myself however, as I’m pretty sure that this is a case of classifying everyone not as conservative as he is, as a “Liberal.” This includes Centrists like myself, who’s existence he acknowledges.

The other Right-Winger in my office is a dedicated dyed in the wool Republican, who aligned on my side of the debate, on the “Chilling Effect” issue. He doesn’t like the policy, but was every bit as confused as I was on the assertion that it was a violation of our First Amendment rights. Despite scoring on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz as a Libertarian (albeit one far to the right, like my other politically vociferous co-irker) the only part of the Republican Party which he disavows, is the “Religious Right.” He denies that they hold any sway with the party, or are anything more than an embarrassing outlier which the Liberals latch on to and flog the crap out of.

So… it’s the Republican’s turn to be lambasted, (I’ll keep calling him that because he wants to be called that) and here’s why…

He continually and unabashedly conflates “Theory” with “Hypothesis.”

If I hear, one more time, that something is “only a Theory” my head is going to explode. When faced with the “Theory of Gravity” he only replies that gravity isn’t a theory but a Law. He cannot be swayed off this position, because I don’t have a textbook handy, and “Wikipedia is full of liberals” so their page on Gravitation is invalid.

This isn’t even strictly political, I should point out, because one of the big things which to him is “only a Theory” is the link between Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer. It’s “only a Theory” so of course, it’s an infringement on our rights to bar smoking from enclosed public spaces where other people have to inhale your smoke. After all it’s not PROVEN that they WILL get sick from it, only that they might. The Anecdotal Evidence that his Grandmother has not yet died from smoking proves that smoking does not “cause cancer.” The term “Significant Risk Factor” means nothing to him, because unless it is “100% proven” then our laws shouldn’t take it into account. I asked him how it could be “100% proven” (as theories are generally falsifiable but not provable, otherwise they would be proofs) and was told that a one to one correlation between smoking and dying of cancer would be required.

The RW Libertarian is with him on this… *sigh.*

I have no clever arguments this time… because you can’t argue with someone who has adopted a differing definition of a word from that which you hold, and will not budge off the spot unless a credible Right-Wing source tells him otherwise. Unfortunately, according to both my Right-Wing Co-irkers the education system, like Wikipedia, is “Liberal,” ruling out science text books, encyclopedias, peer reviewed papers and any and all other educational sources.


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