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100 Signs You Might Live in the Capitol Region…

Adapted from a few Existing Lists on the Subject, sliced, diced rearranged, and with quite a few additions… I now Present:

100 Signs You Might Live in the Capitol Region…

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286 Envelopes….

That I have to open today… It was 161 on thursday, and 127 on wendsday… Then After I open them… I must find the lable for each of the people sending the forms, and stick it to a post card and send it to them… which is fine… but TEDOIS… and people are NOT making it easy for me… As Such, I have some tips for people filling out laptop forms at RPI:

The 10 Comandments of Laptop Forms:

1. Thou shalt Readest thine directions.

2. Thou Shalt not Seal thine Envelope with Packing Tape.

3. Thou Shalt not Check “No” on Form D, (That’s the FREE Laptop As Financial Aide Form.)

4. Thou shalt not Check “No” on form E either. (That’s the FREE Laptop as a Merit Award Form.)

5. Thou Shalt not Address Thine Envelope in Pencil.

6. Thou Shalt not Fold thine 8 and 1/2 by 11 Form into a 1 by 4 inch Rectangle.

7. Thou Shalt not Overnight Mail a Form that’s not due for 2 weeks.

8. Thou Shalt not Place any number other than Thine RIN or SSN on the RIN or SSN Number Line.

9. Thou Shalt not place thine forms in thine envelope such that the use of a letter opener shal sever thine forms in half.

10. Thou shalt NOT Mail the Yellow Form.

And now, if you don’t mind… my stack of Envelopes is swaying rather precaroisly and I must attend to it…


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25 Things I learned in College… So far…

1. You cannot take math notes on a laptop… well you can but it’s a waste of your time and effort.

2. If your teacher will not teach you, teach yourself, or find someone else who will.

3. Make friends in all of your classes, they will come in handy when you loose the worksheet or forget what pages you were supposed to be reading.

4. Do the Reading. I’ve seen other’s who haven’t getting very confused.

5. No matter how long you stare at a problem on a chemistry lab, it will not get any simpler. Give in, get out the scrap, and work it out the long way.

6. The same applies to Calculus problems.

7. Speaking of Calculus… It all makes sense, but most of it only makes sense on a level of math that I simply do not know, and that the teachers will probably teach us later. For now, I suppose I’ll just have to deal.

8. Sleep is s very valuable thing, as is any time you have left over to vege out in front of the TV, or gork out with your PC, or both…. Unless you are an EA magor in which case you never have HW. I wish I were an EA Magor.

9. Quarters are the most valuable things in the world. No quarters no clean laundry. No Clean Laundry, no Clean Undies. No Clean Undies… EWE.

10. Two people can ruin a curve for everyone.

11. Study. Just do it. It’s important on the tests.

12. When people tell you the term is almost over, before you have had your Midterm Exam… Do not panic. They are panicking, do not let them draw you in.

13. Anything that was made to make life easier can also make life harder, because some such things are simply possessed. Prime Example: RPI Elevators

14. Wherever you go in a school, the temperature will be wrong. This includes hallways, classrooms, labs and dorms. Exceptions include Some art rooms and some dining areas.

15. Philosophy classes are a breeze. It doesn’t matter if your premise is true as long as your argument is valid.

16. Writing for College is very different then writing for HS, and no matter what they told you in HS you realy won’t be using much MLA format. In fact, it is mostly frowned upon.

17. The data you take DURRING the experiment can make or break the report that you must write afterward.

18. When a guy in your bio class, who is also taking Diff-EQ and O-Chem, complains about the report. Prepare to be up till 2 am on at least 3 nights working on it.

19. Artistic skills DO have an application in science. DIAGRAMS.

20. Although school food gets progressively better with the type of school you are in, Moving up from elementary school, middle school, high school and College, the school Pizza will always stay the same.

21. When you live on a hill… and you need to get to your classes your classes at the bottom of that hill… and you have wheels, gravity is your friend.

22. When you are living on a hill… and you need to get back up it from your classes at the bottom… and you are carrying your wheels… gravity is NOT your friend.

23. You only need a mutual respect with your roommate. Not a friendship, but a friendship makes things so much easier.

24. Some people believe that quiet hours do not apply on Saturday nights.

25. Being a Bio Major at an Engineering School is gonna be quite the adventure…. (Especially when you consider the universal truth that Bio majors cannot do simple math, and frequently forget our alphabet.


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