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Heretics to the Empire – Dead Like Me

When last we left our cadre of Heretics we were going to sleep under the influence of some elven medicines that are supposed to prevent them from falling apart as a result of the bad time that they had with the kings magic balls of transport. Eden is hanging out… of course the Crown we’re after is quite likely on the King’s head, but he’s dumber than a bag of rocks and we’re going inevitably get in huge trouble trying to take it from him.

Still no Chell again, and Sam is sleeping ill in the next room, so it’s Strife, Ozzy and me, and the DM, Q. Majere is chilling out here… but he’s not playing because he doesn’t play this one… so yes… here we go!!!!

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Heretics to the Empire – Poison Darts Suck

When last we left our Cadre of Heretics, just over a month ago, they had just managed to get thru a door that wasn’t a door while in an interesting complex, probably a crypt, under the ruins of the place that was once here and where the elves and humans are excavating together for the thing we need to take for Amaunator… (pssst… the crown.)

Chell is out for the time being, as she and her fiance are currently saving for their own house by crashing for a while at her in-law’s guest apartment, and they work strange hours, meaning Chell can’t come/go during DnD hours…. reminder that Grimm the Crusader is an NPC, because NA quit the game, and Sam rolled in last time, but still hasn’t managed to be introduced. RIGHT!!!! Onward.

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Will To Power – A Hole in the World Like a Great Black Pit

So when Strife moved to the area, we started playing a homebrew diceless tabletop campaign with him, which we call “It got Worse” after the TV trope, which takes place in a huge and richly developed fantasy universe of her own creation called the Sokmet Universe. This is not that game. Because Strife is thinking of publishing the Sokmet setting, and mechanics, and because there’s really no frame of reference for readers to cling to (unlike with DnD, or WoT games) I’m not blogging it… I did for two sessions but they’re down now, and we’re running with this instead.

Tonight we’re starting a new game on the same mechanics, called Will to Power, which takes place in a world much like the one we live in. In an alternate 2012, where the war in the Middle East only continued escalating, and a world where some humans developed super powers (i.e. X-Men, or The Incredibles.)

The Setting:

3 years ago, one particular Super, with the ability to technomance, reacted to US use of Nukes in the Middle East, by nuking the US with the weapons of every other country he could get his hands on. The economy collapsed. Western Europe is fucked, especially the UK. The Queen is hiding in Canada. China, India and Russia are the great world powers. Australia, Japan and most of the east are protectorates of China, Russia has most of what was once the Soviet Union, India’s assimilated many of their smaller neighbors as protectorates, but not Israel. They nuked the hell out of their neighbors while the nukes were flying all over and are still standing alone.

The world is pretty much ruled by a UN anti nuclear task force… dedicated to stoping anything like this from happening ever again… or so folks think. That task force consists almost entirely of supers, and their main aim isn’t controlling nukes… it’s other supers they’re after.

The Party:

Alexander – Played by Q – From Russia. He’s got mind shielding, super reflexes, energy redirection, and can turn his skin to diamond also. (He’s got a 4th power because he play tested the system for Strife.)
Robin Finn – Played by ME!!! – College aged young woman from the UK. Telepathic Reader, Telepathic Writer and a Mentat to boot. (Read and Write on the Human brain are two different powers in this system.)
Nadia – Played by Sam – Young Woman from the US. She’s got wings, pyrokinetic power and technomancy.
Marcus – Played by Majere – From… we don’t know where. He’s a legit shapeshifter, can teleport, and a clairvoyant cliaraudiant.
We call him Hammer Guy – NPC – The leader of our group, he’s got super speed, super strength, and super reflexes… and a hammer. We don’t know him, but we don’t fuck with him.

Right then… so knowing all of this… here we go!!!
(This isn’t really liveblogged… I wrote it after when we decided I’d blog this one and backdated it to the night of play because… it seemed like a good idea.)
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Ravenloft – 0 Immersion

Ravenloft night!!! Everyone’s here tonight, and we’re stocked up on soda and chips, and the Pizza has been ordered, so it’s time we got going… as soon as we figure out where Ozzy’s character sheet is, since he wasn’t here last time and it’s missing…

Also: immersion is shot. Majere is living in the livingroom and we’re playing among piles of his stuff. Strife’s moved in to Majere’s old room and will be around a lot more, and I’m still having fantasies of Murano Glass  beads to go on the new snake chain I got to hold lockets… because… OMG Murano Glass!!!! ITS SO PRETTAY!!!! Yeeeees…. can’t stop window shopping the interwebz.

So when last we left our hapless crew, they were trying to get some important documents from the guards, about dead Brian….

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Ravenloft – WhoVistani

Ravenloft, once more. Ozzy is absent tonight, so Marco is… staring off into space… like a guy who isn’t there. Because he isn’t. The DM is sick and so am I, so immersion tonight isn’t going to really be happening, and Sam is sitting in because she’s crashing on Q and Majere’s couch, soooooo… yeah. We actually had a session in between this and the last one, back on the 16th… but it went kind of like this….

DM: So… last time, you come upon a Vistani camp…
Lew: It was arson…. give me another drink.
Sam: *Stares balefully.*
Mayo: Who… DOES that kind of thing?
Q: Screw it… lets just watch a movie.

So… we did… but tonight we’re actually going to play.

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